Айза Анохина жестко раскритиковала эскортниц и светское общество The budding Grammy-nominated rapper unveiled a new track under the alias A(Z)IZA. ISA Anokhina condemned the conduct of some of the girls working in Abu Dhabi and made several attacks on ex-lover Gufa and quoted the heroine of the film “Brother-2”.
Айза Анохина жестко раскритиковала эскортниц и светское общество

ISA Anokhina continues his musical career. Businesswoman and star of Instagram, introduced the track, dubbed Boeing. In his new song, recorded under the alias A(Z)IZA, Anokhin spoke negatively about the secular society and its foundations, and also mentioned Christina C and Ksenia Sobchak:

All your idols – clowning for the amusement of the family,
They have tracks no punch [laconic phrase, strongly hitting the opponent in the rap battle. – Ed.], as brain Bozena Ryńskie.
Sterilized bits of each bottle of Cristal.
I was robbed there, where was – as I was taught “Caspian” [group “Caspian cargo”. – Ed.].
Christine C should be back in Yerevan, she will be gone, like Ksenia Sobchak Gypsies.
All secular lionesses lying in the eye here and there, they are changeable in their words.

The new track is ISA responded to haters who criticized her musical creativity. The woman gave to understand that it is not seriously to the opinions of haters, and again made a critical attack on ex-husband rapper Guf. “Your idols last nothing weigh”, – drawn star of social networks to an imaginary envious, describing his fascination with the work of Alexei Dolmatov.

Aspiring hip-hop performer also mentioned the catch phrase from the movie “Brother 2” (“Boy, bring us some vodka, we’re going home”) and named names of girls allegedly involved in the escort. According to some, Anokhin mentioned former participant reality show “House-2” Inessa Kuznetsova. The girl’s name, which is regularly seen in the company of different men, surrounded by a large number of the rumors. One time she shared in social networks photos of the joint with the Body. By the way, that Shevchuk told the rapper with another star telestroke Anastasia Koskinou. In Dolmatova began an affair with her. However, the fascination Alexei proved to be fleeting.

Anastasia Kushkina: “I can’t move away from the events related to the Body”

Another girl condemned Anokhin, was the model of Diana, Mellison. She got acquainted with a new creation ISA and responded to her on Instagram. “Ah, Aziz, how nice that you think of me, and even find time to write poems about us. I thought at your age you have to be first and foremost the mother of his children, and you’re trying to be the mother of rap. Apparently in the three years that we don’t communicate, you miss. Actually, everyone understands that you really need piece of fresh hype, and I’m “old friend”, of course, will help you with that,” wrote Diana in the microblog.

In addition, the ISA traditionally critical of other rappers. Like many artists of this genre, A(Z)IZA said that she was destined to raise it to a new level:

Russian rap stuck between kolgotochki and courts,
Come visit me in Bali, man, drink and pokertwin.
You’re the most daring, but always remain silent about our own.
Why dzhigan not talking about their sales?
Why A(Z)IZA first clip was the first in the trends?
Why am I afraid all of your legends?

Anokhin stated, “appeared in rap for retaliation.” In the track ISA says that her hatred should unite artists of this genre.

Previous track star Instagram Supreme, is a blatant hitting (so-called “Diss”) at the Gufa, has caused ambiguous reaction of the public. The clip, which ISA offends ex-lover, scored 23 thousand likes and almost three times more dislikes allowed. By the way, on Friday, December 15, also premiered a new video Gufa “Mowgli II”. Fans reacted approvingly to his work.