Olga Lomonosova gave birth to a son

Ольга Ломоносова родила сына Star of the TV series “Not born beautiful” gave the heir to actor Paul Safonov. Now Olga Lomonosova and baby are both doing well and are getting ready to be discharged from the medical center.

      Star of the TV series “Not born beautiful” Olga Lomonosova again became a mother. The heir to the actress and her husband, actor Paul Safonov was born in Moscow clinic. The couple receiving congratulations and gifts from fans, friends and relatives. It is worth noting that now Olga is considered to be a large mother, she together with the civil husband already has two daughters. Five-year and ten-year Alexander barbarian look forward to the discharge of a mother and my dream is to meet her brother.

      On the replenishment of the family of the public said the happy father, posting in one of the social networks.

      “Almost dawn and I understand that it’s a new day in which the best girl in the world, Olga Lomonosova have realized my dream about free Parking in life. Our son was born! Thank you!” — posted by Paul Safonov, hinting that now he will receive benefits as the head of a large family.

      Interestingly, the celebrity was able to keep secret for most of my pregnancy. Lomonosov shared with admirers of good news only a few months later, when the hide is an interesting situation was simply impossible. In Instagram artist published a touching photo, where it hugs rounded tummy. The woman simply signed frame is “Pending”.

      Of course, the followers were delighted by what they saw and began to guess the sex of the baby. That blonde gave birth to a boy, only became known on 15 April. Subscribers microblog stars I have no doubt that such an experienced mother as Olga will be able to adequately raise my son.

      Now the Lomonosova have at least to postpone participation in performances – the newborn needs permanent presence of a mother. But, apparently, the woman just pleased with the outcome of events, because she always tried to find time between filming and participation in productions for families. For fans of the artist it is no secret how much she loves my daughters and wife – Olga often puts photos from personal archive and a short touching story about leisure with loved ones. However, to go to the Registrar and to legitimize the relationship and the couple Lomonosova Safonova is not in a hurry. They think that it is important to preserve the relationship between themselves and the children in harmony. And also admitted that they do not consider the stamp in the passport is required, because of this love between mate not added.