Rapper L One became a father again

Рэпер L'One вновь стал отцом The wife of the musician gave him the baby. The heir to the rapper L One was born on Saturday, April 15. 31-year-old young father accepts congratulations with the new addition to the family. Many fans rush to wish to a newborn and his parents happy.

      A great event happened in the family of musician Black Star Levan Gorozia, which is known to the General public under the pseudonym of L One. April 15, the rapper became a father twice. Wife of 31-year-old artist gave him a second son.

      The good news rapper L One shared with subscribers of his microblog. He published a short funny video with him in the lead role, made, apparently, in a medical office.

      “On April 15. I am the happiest person on earth. Happiness is! Darling, thank you! God is great!” – enthusiastically wrote the musician.

      L One is not yet informed fans of any parameters of the newborn heir, restricting only the message with gratitude his beloved wife Anna. Not known neither gender nor any of the settings of the baby.

      However, this does not prevent the followers of the rapper to enjoy his happiness, and heartily to congratulate him on his new addition to the family. “Hurrah! Grow healthy and strong”, “Congratulations! Let baby grow healthy and happy,” “Leva a brace, congratulations!”, “I wish you all the best that the child grew up beautiful and talented as his parents”, “I Congratulate you, this is really the best day ever!”, “Health, Levan, all Georgians are proud of you”, “Cool! Even in the Passover”, “Hooray, good fortune baby” – such comments under the post rapper L One to leave his fans.

      The newborn was the second child of a couple who already has a son Michael. The firstborn L One and his wife was born in 2013. The contractor has a reputation as a caring father and often recognized microblog that really misses the family during the tour.

      It should be noted that the musician has joined the list of celebrities who in April of this year was replenished. In the first half of the month in the Russian show business has happened is a real baby boom. The third son of singer Natalie gave birth, the firstborn was born the star of the world podium Irina Shayk, in the third time became a mother, the singer Anna Sedokova singer gave birth to a son. The fourth child was born in the family of Alla Dovlatova, a 42-year-old radio host gave birth to a daughter. Son to her husband, footballer Alexander Kerzhakov gave his wife Milan, the parents named the baby Artemia.