Broke the spine Maria Komissarova gave her husband a firstborn

Сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова подарила мужу первенца Athlete, wheelchair user, gave birth to a son. The heir’s Komisarovas and her husband Alexei Chaadaev was born in Spain, where the skier was in rehab after a serious injury.

      The athlete received a serious injury during training at the Olympics in Sochi Maria Komissarova first became a mother. The first-born Alpine skier and her husband Alexei Chaadaev was born in a clinic in the Spanish city of Marbella. That she intends to give birth abroad, Maria Komissarova said in a recent interview with “StarHit”. Broke the spine Maria Komissarova is expecting a baby

      About replenishment in the family of the athlete announced herself by posting a touching post about motherhood in the microblog. “Today, April 15 at 10:15, we became parents to a beautiful boy weighing 3040 grams and the growth of 51cm! Cheers,” – enthusiastically wrote to Maria Komissarova, placing the joint with her husband photo. Now young parents accept congratulations with the newborn from numerous friends and acquaintances.

      On the good news immediately responded subscribers sportswomen.

      “Alex, Mashulya! Heartily congratulate you on the birth of beautiful son, happiness to your family, health and well-being for all!” “Congratulations on the birth of your son! Good health to you and your Prince!”, “This is happiness! Congratulations! April babies are always the most talented and special. Health to you and little man”, “Health to you and your son! Now you will have a funny life,” was quick to congratulate the young mom and dad fans.

      Recall that the life of Maria Komissarova is divided into “before” and “after” February 15, 2014. During training in Sochi on the track of ski cross, she fell and injured back at the clinic the doctors diagnosed: fracture of the spine with displacement. For the month of the Petersburg sportswoman has endured four surgeries, but doctors failed to pick her up – the girl confined to a wheelchair. To recover, Maria and her fiancé, in a team-Alexey Chaadaev, went to Spanish Marbella, where one year Komissarova was in rehab and daily training to ever again start walking.

      26 Nov Maria Komissarova, at that time already pregnant with firstborn, and her boyfriend got married in the Canary Islands, and in winter the pair were married in one of the temples of St. Petersburg.