Olga Gazhienko reunited with loved ones

Ольга Гажиенко воссоединилась с близкими людьми Eks-the participant “Houses-2” turned 31. On this occasion, the young woman organised a dinner for relatives. In addition to her husband it was attended by mother and sister are the stars of the TV show.

Olga Gazhienko incredibly close with his many relatives. The young woman never tired of repeating that the family is the most important thing in the world. Perhaps that is why the next birthday of the ex-participant of “House-2” decided to celebrate in a circle of exceptionally close friends.

The event had a sister Olga Margarita with her husband and daughter, her parents and beloved husband. The solemn dinner was held in one of capital restaurants.

However, to celebrate the birthday Olga started since Saturday morning. One of the first to congratulate her mother Irina Agibalova. The woman touching post dedicated to his daughter and gave her a nice present.

“This day the most memorable day in my life. The day you were born and the day I first became a mother! You’re my daughter, you’re my friend, you are my happiness! I love you,” wrote Iran in Instagram.

Husband of Olga, Ilya, Gazhienko also hastened to congratulate her on such a significant event. The man admitted beloved in love and said that he would do everything possible, if only she was happy.

Throughout the evening the birthday girl listened to the toasts and compliments. She talked with her younger sister Margaret, sharing her fond memories. Now relatives do not see each other so often because both young women are extremely busy schedule.

Daughter Margarita and son Olga also missed. The children had fun in the company of adults and entertained the grandmother. Irina Agibalova has repeatedly admitted that he adores the grandchildren and is ready to spend with them every spare minute.

Fans also rushed to congratulate Gazhienko happy birthday. According to many of them, a young woman is a role model because she is successful both in personal life and career. “Olga, you are an incredible beauty. Look to a maximum of 25”, “I Want to wish you good health and family well-being. Let your Union with Ilya will be eternal,” wrote the fans of the stars.

For the event Olga chose a modest blue dress. The holiday passed without much fanfare and was attended by about ten people. However, sister Gazhienko noted that in such a homely atmosphere they can feel comfortable.