In joy and in sorrow: why Selena Gomez went back to Justin Bieber

В горе и радости: почему Селена Гомес вернулась к Джастину Биберу The singer can’t forget the guy. It Justin Bieber Selena supported in difficult moments. Relatives of the singer is unhappy that she has resumed a relationship with a young man, but they cannot affect her choice.
В горе и радости: почему Селена Гомес вернулась к Джастину Биберу

In early November, the 25-year-old Selena had a great time at a hockey game in Los Angeles. Sitting on the podium, the young lady in a loud clear voice supported 23-year-old “hockey” Bieber. As befits a canadian guy, he was born with a stick in his hand and welcome any opportunity to get hold of it. After the match, Justin put on his favorite cheerleader my hockey sweater, so she wouldn’t have to escape from the cold in the jacket of a former boyfriend of the Weekend. Jacket left Selena in memory of the ten months of the novel, which started promising but ended abruptly and ignominiously.

In sickness and in health

Suspicion that between Selena and the Weekend is not so smooth, there in the summer. From the first of January of a kiss behind the dumpsters of the restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica with their water does not spill. The singer took favorite in Florence and Paris, she accompanied him on a tour of America as support groups. But by mid-summer was noticeably cooling. Weekend as if nothing had happened, continued creative activity, and Selena seemed to have left in a deaf underground. In September it became known that she had a kidney transplant. The need for an immediate operation arose in connection with lupus – an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks healthy cells, mistaking them for malignant.

“I developed arthritis, kidney failure – later told Selena. – I realized that I need a transplant, but the donor would have to wait seven to ten years. Was only a few weeks before the state in which you cannot do without hemodialysis – treatment of extrarenal blood purification”. Fortunately, a donor for Selena has become best friends with actress Francia rice.

В горе и радости: почему Селена Гомес вернулась к Джастину Биберу

In joy and in sorrow

Apparently, the singer did not like the reaction to the Weekend news that she goes to the hospital. Relationship arranged boyfriend, while Selena went for him as tied. “We all want love, but most importantly for the Weekend – still a career, say friends. – He can get any girl. He doesn’t need complications”.

But Bieber proved from an unexpected quarter. In mid-August he interrupted the tour, saying that should take care of their welfare. Most likely, this implies a health Selena. Since the beginning of the novel in the fall of 2010 the lovers broke up countless times during the last break Justin singer accused of treason and self-promotion at his expense.

By the time they quarrel tired even the editors of tabloids: everyone is used to the idea that these two would be married as soon as you stop thinking of hormones. Probably Justin was scared by the prospect of losing the “one true love”.

“He almost never appeared, while Selenium is not recovered, say friends. – And then they immediately went into the light together.”

Justin and Selena walked around Los Angeles before the girl reported about the changes in his personal life. “They are Weekend a few months deciding what to do next – close to the couple tell people. – He travels with the tour, Selena starred in new York, they don’t have enough time even for phone conversations. Is it a novel? The gap happened before she was back with Justin, so that a love triangle was not.”

In this environment, Selene reluctantly admits that she was never able to overcome feelings for Justin, although honestly tried. During her illness, Bieber insisted on forgiveness for past sins, and no one was surprised the official announcement that they are together again. Selena looks happy and says after she wants to go all out to enjoy every minute with your loved one. She seemed to have forgotten that always attracted Justin’s stronger when she was with someone else.

Having won it, the singer usually lost interest and went in search of entertainment. However, now it vigilantly watches the spiritual father of Justin shepherd, who undertook to return him to the ranks of the worthy Christians. The family of Selena that does not help.

“Justin is shit that we will never accept, said a relative of the singer. Even talking to him was beneath her. Sorry, Selene does not have enough self respect to send him to hell.”