Stesha Malikova wants to leave home

Стеша Маликова хочет покинуть родительский дом She is ready to break out of the family nest. Stefaniya Malikova, which next year will celebrate eighteen years, and considers himself quite grown-up man. The daughter of a famous musician yearns for independent living.
Стеша Маликова хочет покинуть родительский дом

The famous composer and singer Dmitry Malikov on Sunday was the guest of the morning program of the First channel “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym.

In went about the sole heir of a musician, daughter of Stephanie, which, incidentally, has already overtaken his famous dad in popularity on the Internet. Here and in transmission, the format of which involves communication leading to only one source, the exception word was given and Stesha.

In February next year, the girl turns eighteen years old, and Stefania Malikov, has signaled that she is ready for independent living. However, she is sure that the parents treat this calmly.

“The Pope himself understands that this life that I’m almost eighteen and I’m already out of this warm family nest, said Stephanie Malikova. – Well, eighteen years. What can I say as it were?”
Стеша Маликова хочет покинуть родительский дом

Dmitry Malikov admitted that he and his wife Elena prepared for the fact that her daughter will soon introduce them to your partner. The musician hinted that he will take anyone who will love Stefania.

Стеша Маликова хочет покинуть родительский дом“In this case the parents are important, but not decisive – said Dmitry Malikov. – The main thing is the feeling, emotions and love. Hope that intuition Stashu not fail.”
Стеша Маликова хочет покинуть родительский дом

Stephanie, in turn, believes that for her parents it is important only one thing – that their daughter was truly happy.

“Dad it didn’t matter what the growth, appearance and nature are my chosen, says the daughter of Dmitry Malikov. – He would support my choice if it is to see happiness in my eyes.”

By the way, Stefania Malikov – the bride’s dowry. A few years ago my parents bought my daughter a two-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow.

About this star family has told on air of one of TV programs. The apartments, designed for Stasi Malikova, visited the crew. The audience was shown a cozy nest, decorated in a noble Golden-brown tones. The design dwelling involved mom Stephanie Elena Malikova. The Stesha Malikova parents bought an apartment in the center of Moscow

“The apartment many antique items, – told then Elena. Is my weakness! I also sit a lot in the Internet looking for furniture in different sites. I love all these chairs, the chairs”.