Ольга Бузова проснулась в одной постели с подругой The presenter is in the Seychelles. Girlfriend Olesya Buzova showed a movie, as touching opens the eyes of the presenter. Apparently, Olga was not enough hours of sleep, and she is in no hurry to get up.
Ольга Бузова проснулась в одной постели с подругой

Recently Olga Buzova flew to the Seychelles. There is one of the sites of the reality show “Dom-2”. Later, the presenter is joined by her friend Olesya. Olga planned a surprise for her, because she had a birthday. The whole Villa was decorated with balloons, and friends prepared delicious snacks.

A few hours ago in the microblog Buzova has a video where you can watch the morning Olga in the Seychelles. She slowly opens her eyes. Next to it is Olesya and removes everything on the phone.

“Tired, my girl sleeps and sleeps. Wake up! Went swimming,” says friend Olga overs.

The reaction of subscribers Buzova has been mixed. Many expressed their feelings about the fact that she little rest, but there were those who tried to be sarcastic to the stars. “In 30 years, Wake up or with dogs, or with a girl in bed, Yes, this, of course, “envy”, “Buzova don’t want a boyfriend, her phone instead of him,” that discussed the roller followers.

At Buzova very intense work schedule, since she is a TV show, travels with the concert program, and has recently launched a new cryptocurrency buzcoin and announced the opening of a cafe. However, she prefers to spend time on the beach and recharge with positive energy. Details of your stay in this Paradise Olga will share in the vlog that exists on its YouTube channel.

“When I arrived on the island, I realized how I’ve missed you. In the work in the Seychelles, has its own thrill, which I will share with you for two weeks”, – says Buzova in Instagram after arrival.

Fans believe swimwear Olga and admire her slim figure. The Villa where the living star, she has to prepare itself. “I like to eat healthy. I love soup, meatballs steamed Greek salad and seafood. For sweets and loaves untouched. The only thing I can’t deny myself the tea with honey or raspberry jam. And the second weakness is sausage. I try to lower it, but not yet obtained. And for 3-4 hours a day dancing,” said Buzova “StarHit”.