Джигурда и Анисина празднуют очередную победу в суде The stars declare that you will soon receive an inheritance of deceased Lyudmila Bratash. In this case, Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina will be able to manage Bank accounts, as well as apartments businesswoman in Moscow and in France.
Джигурда и Анисина празднуют очередную победу в суде

Nikita Dzhigurda continues to fight in court over the estate of the deceased friend Ludmila Bratash. Recently the Moscow city court upheld the decision of Kuntsevsky court for the scandalous case, ruling in favour of the showman and Marina Anisina those. The claim of the sisters businesswoman Svetlana Romanova was rejected.

If the court found the will Bratash, Dzhigurda and Anisina those will depart a multimillion-dollar as a businesswoman and real estate in Russia and abroad. Sister of the deceased still does not believe in the authenticity of the documents provided by the stars. During the trial, Romanov claimed the entertainer raped her cousin. Moreover, she hinted at the involvement Dzhigurda to death Bratash. The artist denies the allegations Romanova.

After the meeting, which was held on Monday, Nikita and Marina went to celebrate the completion of the next stage of litigation. Celebrities have a lot of fun in the karaoke and talked about it in social networks. The pair sang songs Jura Shatunova and Vladimir Vysotsky.

“We – the white roses in this life rejoice in clear, a real victory and victory feasts!” – shared Dzhigurda Instagram

Social media users congratulated the stars and wished them further success. “Can you imagine how hard that was for you to get at the truth, and this moment has come,” “I am very worried for you. You suffered a lot, but it’s all over now”, commented the followers of a showman.

A few days before the meeting Dzhigurda and Anisina marked an important anniversary – ten years from the date of the wedding. For this reason the couple had dinner in one of the restaurants. In March last year, celebrity officially divorced, but later got back together. In the near future Nikita is going to get married with Marina. The artist says that the lover not yet answered him Yes, but he hoped for a positive outcome. Anisina itself does not hide that is happy to be together Morrice.

“Ten years from the embrace Dzhigurda I can not escape! Drawn to Nikitas as to the cosmic magnet. Today, may fourth, it was ten years from the day of our wedding. Year two! And milk for the harm do not give…” – said the athlete in social networks.

Fans of the couple were delighted with the harmony that reigns in their relationship, and wished to live happily ever after. According to them, Dzhigurda and Anisina perfect for each other. A further impetus to reunite the star – they have children together. Marina and Nikita are the parents of Mika-Angelo-Krista and Eva-Vlad.