Nastya Kamensky touching congratulated favorite Potap happy birthday

Настя Каменских трогательно поздравила любимого Потапа с днем рождения
The singer has responded to “insulting” congratulations to friend and colleague poems.

Photo: Instagram

Just a few days ago Nastya Kamensky celebrated his 31st birthday. On this day all the fans waited, as the girl will congratulate Potapov, her colleagues and the main applicant to the place of the beloved singer (name of the boyfriend Nastya’s hiding, but a few years, there are persistent rumors that in fact the musicians — a couple both on stage and in life). The singer did not disappoint the audience: he wrote to Nastya poems in which he compared her to a porn star that many fans Kamensky considered offensive.

The girl, on the contrary, was so inspired by the creative greetings that today, on the 37th birthday of a captain, also wrote his poems:

“You’re a very special person
And on the day of my birth
You congratulated me poems
I also will not miss the moment
A couple of lines and write words:
You, Alex, genius
And we all understand
And let the light of the many opinions
But creativity pierces through your
Let your every work
Will be known to the whole world
Let not dry up the inspiration
And that is not the song – the hit fat
You’re a good man, Alyosha
Deserve only happiness and love
Always want to hug BIG Pose
And sign “we love u” under the post!”

(Author’s spelling and punctuation preserved. — Approx.

“A little, not fluently, but the Captain!” — so appreciated the poetic talent Kamensky its subscribers. But the captain remained in awe of this, congratulations.

“Baby, cry.” — he failed to restrain his emotions in the comments below.