Сын Валерии стал продюсером швейцарского артиста-инвалида The singer is proud of the success Artemy Shulgin. Young man working with foreign performers. Recently the ward of the heir of Valerie released her debut clip, what celebrity said in social networks.
Сын Валерии стал продюсером швейцарского артиста-инвалида

The eldest son of Valerie Artemy Shulgin received education in Switzerland in the faculties of IT technologies and business management, as well as in the famous Berklee in Boston, which is considered one of the best music colleges in the world. After graduation, heir to the singer received an invitation from an Arab family, which owns the Studio and hotels abroad. Artemia was offered a job in a recording company located in Montreux.

Recently Joseph Prigogine and Valeria shared her first successes of the young man. As it turned out, Artemy producing Swiss artist Chilean-born Alejandro Reyes. The singer not the hand, but this does not prevent him to please the audience with their creativity. Recently, the artist released the video for the song Compass. The played the girl Arseniy Shulgin Anna Sheridan.

“The first production work of my son with the Swiss artist, the Chilean-born Alejandro. Very proud of. Theme is very creative, hardworking, committed and very decent. Ahead, I’m sure a lot of things incredibly interesting. And this song for a week already spinning in my head. The singer Alejandro is an example of how to achieve goals in life, regardless of circumstances,” – said Valery in social networks.

A day later after posting a clip of Reyes scored tens of thousands of views on YouTube. Most of the audience was delighted with the video and thanked the singer and his colleagues for their excellent work. Alejandro reviewed the comments of users of social networks hurried to answer them.

“Thank you all for your comments and support! This is my first video, and I’m very proud of. You guys make it possible. I will continue to go forward and create music for you! Thank you to my family, friends, fans and my wonderful team Khan, brine shrimp, Nachi, Pele, Eric and all the rest. Stay with us! I embrace all,” said the contractor.

The eldest son of Valerie Artemy Shulgin was born 25 August 1994. When the heir of the artist was ten years old, his parents sent him to an overseas camp in Switzerland. Artemia is so much liked in another country that he decided to continue to study there. In the future, Shulgin enrolled in Webster University in Geneva to obtain a bachelor’s degree in IT technology and Finance. In addition, Artemy became a specialist in music production after graduating from Berkeley College.