Olga Buzova took the place of Maxim Galkin!

Ольга Бузова заняла место Максима Галкина!
As the singer was in the chair show “Tonight”?

Photo: freeze-frame of the programme “Tonight”

The secret of popularity of Olga Buzova largely lies in its immediacy. Recently, the TV star once again “distinguished”. On the eve of the First channel left the program “Tonight” on Dmitry Nagiyev. Shooting new show were invited Buzova, which appeared in the Studio as a “friend” Nagiyev.

After her exit was announced by the hosts of the talk show Buzova came out from behind the scenes and… accidentally took the place of rest. Olga sat in the anchor chair Tonight and only a few minutes later realized his mistake.

“Max, you had me to declare it differently: “I’ll be the woman that sings!”, — joked Olga during his stellar output. I was told that today would be a very serious program, so I’m in a tuxedo. Be dressed country I’ve ever seen!” Seated Galkina, Olga could not understand why the Studio exploded with laughter. Hint Buzova gave Nagiyev: “Mother, you’re just now sitting in place lead!”

Incidentally, the program was discussed and the theme of “close friendship” Olga and Dmitry. The stars did not disclose all the secrets, but Nagiev admitted is responsible for the fact that Olga has ceased to be a blonde. He told her repainted in a brunette.

Recall that in the show “Today tonight” recently there have been major changes: Andrey Malakhov left the program after the scandalous departure from the First channel. On osvodobivshemsja the position of the leading considered several candidates, but the choice of leadership fell on a few — Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin.