Anastasia Sumska broke the silence

Анастасия Шубская прервала молчание
Daughter Vera Glagoleva told about how experiencing the death of my mom.

Subsky Anastasia and Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: @nastyashubskaya Instagram

Death Vera Glagoleva in August of this year was high drama for many members of the family of the artist. And if the eldest daughter died from cancer of the artist — Anna nahapetova actively shared experiences in social networks, the younger Anastasia Subsky, on the contrary, “closed” and stopped keeping your Instagram account.

Only today, after several weeks of calm in the microblog Subsky there is a new publication. She was devoted to her beloved husband, Alexander Ovechkin. Model touching the star congratulated her husband’s birthday, admitting that it helps her cope with the sudden tragedy in her life.

“I thank you for every second of our life together.You’re my protection, support and support!..And in sorrow and in joy.. thank you in this difficult time, you are near and I am constantly, even at a distance, I feel your warmth, care and tenderness! I wish you to remain same kind, sympathetic and true! I’m sure that with your personality and dedication you will always have everything you wish! Happy birthday, my beloved!” Anastasia wrote.

Recall that in the summer of 2018, the planned premiere of the film, which Vera Vitalyevna was working shortly before his death. She didn’t have time to finish his last directorial work — the picture “Clay pit” based on the novel of the playwright Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina. However, it was shot 90% of the material, which is now over, work colleagues Glagoleva.