Dmitriy Nagiev goes from the First channel?

Дмитрий Нагиев уходит с Первого канала?
The presenter spoke about the reason for the dismissal.

Dmitriy Nagiev


A careless joke Dmitry Nagiyev has recently launched a wave of rumors about his dismissal. The Network rapidly discuss the subject of the departure of the artist from the First channel. Talk about the fact that Dmitry leaves the main channel of the country began after his recent statements in the show “the Voice.”

“Why so worried, honestly? Everything after this project goes on maternity leave. To care for themselves!” said Nagiyev in the show “the Voice.” In light of recent events in the world of television fans doubted whether Dmitry was joking? The fact is that when the first rumors about the controversial transfer of Andrei Malakhov, many fans also believed that this news is just a prank…

Moreover, in this season First channel already decided on global change. The channel guide said good-bye not only with Malakhov, but also with Alexander Oleshko, Timur Kazakovym, and programs “Alone with all” and “Wait for me”. In addition, changes have affected and show “let’s get married!”. Fortunately, one of the main matchmaker of the country was not fired, but have changed the format of the program. Now to help choose the groom or bride will help former beloved main characters.