Olga Buzova told, who are grateful for a vacation in Monaco

Ольга Бузова рассказала, кому благодарна за отпуск в Монако
The TV presenter has unveiled the “mysterious fan”.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

Olga Buzova has intrigued fans for a few days
fly in luxury resort Monaco on a private jet. It would seem that
incredible that the star, who is now at the peak of popularity,
decided to allow myself to relax a little and spend time on the French Riviera, a holiday on which not everyone can afford?

This is part of the blame Buzova, because every publication in
the microblog dedicated to dear guests, the young singer was accompanied by
the hashtags #thanks and #massachusettscasualty. Fans of the TV presenter then decided that their gratitude
Olga expresses the mysterious admirer of his talent, providing the magic
the journey of a star.

But Olga made it clear that the money for the trip
she earned herself. According to her, she flew to Europe just for a few
days in the company of friends to eat oysters and walk. As for gratitude, she addressed them… This
world. And even published a popular in the Network space of the poem,
which usually adorns many interactive cards.

“For everything, for everything thank you… My world, I love you so much!” —
set point Buzova. Now Olga is located in Moscow and working again. On
this time of the advertising company, dedicated to the new collection of clothes, the author
which is.