Published shocking revelations of Princess Diana

Обнародованы шокирующие признания принцессы Дианы
The anniversary of the death of the mother of William “declassified” her secret recordings.

Обнародованы шокирующие признания принцессы Дианы

Princess Diana

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Обнародованы шокирующие признания принцессы Дианы

Princess Diana and Prince Charles, 1981

Photo: Zuma/TASS

In the year of the 20th anniversary of the tragic
the death of Princess Diana, who died in a car accident in the summer of 1997, the year were released secret
tape recording dictated in
the time, Princess Diana.

They were done at the time
journalist Andrew Morton, when he was preparing for publication his book about Diana,
become a real “bomb”. It set out Dianina version it failed
marriage with Prince Charles. And she began her story with a description of “wonderful”

As told by the Princess, her
marriage was a torment from the very beginning. Already the honeymoon that followed
the wedding was for her a real torture. It began at the estate of Lord
Mountbatten, uncle, father, Prince Charles. The problem was that almost all
the time they spent there, the newlyweds spent reading aloud and
a discussion of books favorite philosopher and friend of the Prince — van Der Post. And no
romance… Waiting Diana was cruelly deceived. “My bulimia became absolutely
uncontrolled. I ate everything I could find, but after a couple minutes I
sick… besides, I was exhausted of the constant mood swings…” —
told Diana.

Honeymoon continued
on to the Royal yacht “Britannic”. Here Diana suffered a new disappointment.
He was hoping to get the opportunity to spend time there with Charles alone –
if not permanently, then at least part of the time. However, it was not so,
as she imagined it: “the Yacht was full of guests, besides there was still
large team — more than 250 people.
Dinners at full “parade” music of the Royal orchestra. And my job
was to entertain guests. I was not ready for that and coped
with difficulty…”

And the final part
the honeymoon was at the Royal estate in Balmoral in Scotland. And it
became Princess new challenge. “I always imagined that Charles
slowly perevarivaetsya with Camilla Parker Bowles. I dreamed of her at night, I
was she just obsessed. Most
I was shocked when she got meningitis and Charles sent her flowers,
attaching them to the card “Gladys from Fred,” as they called each other…”

No less than Diana was suffering from
her unusual lifestyle, which she was forced to lead. The problem
was that Charles loved life in nature in General, and long walks in
particular. “We were walking in the hills and talked about “elevated” topics.
Charles was happy and he was happy. And I was so depressed that I even tried cutting wrist blade…” To
the end of the honeymoon she was so emaciated and tormented that it was noticed even Charles, advised her
to go to the doctor.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles, 1992

Photo: Zuma/TASS

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