Children of Beyonce and JAY-Z were born prematurely

Дети Бейонсе и ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ родились раньше срока

Became known the reasons why children Beyonce and Jay-Z are still in the hospital under doctor supervision. Yesterday it became known that the twins famous artists born before term, and therefore “experiencing some minor problems” which don’t allow professionals to let them go home with a calm heart.

According to insiders, the kids emerged physiological jaundice, and right now they are under special lamps, normalizing the level of bilirubin in the blood. The great danger of this condition is, but doctors and the mother of the children prefer to play it safe. Moreover, babies were born prematurely, as often happens in multiple pregnancies.
Recall that the birth of beyoncé, it became known on June 17, but gave birth to their son and daughter artist number 12. According to the publication Hollywoodlife, referring to the words of the doctor-neonatologist Jennifer Shu, premature babies may need assistance due to high risk of catching the infection, not the ability to breathe independently and unregulated body temperature. In addition, some premature babies require the control of blood sugar level and feeding through a tube.
“Beyonce really wants to be home. She is stuck in the hospital for a whole week, but he and Jay-Z want to make sure that with kids everything will be okay before you go home,” said the insider.