Olga Buzova stunned by the transformation into Madonna

Ольга Бузова ошеломила перевоплощением в Мадонну The speech of the presenter and aspiring singer made a splash on the music festival. Olga Buzova sang the iconic song “Vogue” famous American singer. Among other participants was Stas Mikhailov, Alexei Vorobyov, Zara, Jasmine, Glory and many others.

Last night in the capital’s Crocus City Hall hosted a large-scale music festival Disco Pop Top, which brought together the stars of Russian show business, including Stas Mikhailov, Olga Buzova, Zara, Alexey Vorobyov, Alexander Panayotov, Zhasmin, Timur Rodrigez, Glory, Yulianna Karaulova, Artik & Asti, the “Factory”, Pizza and many others. According to the concept of the event, the celebrities performed popular millions of hits world stage. So the sparrows played a song “Umbrella” by Elvis Presley, Fame presented “I Need a Hero” Bonnie Tyler, and Jasmine blew up the dance floor “It’s Raining Men” The Weather Girls.

Invited guests from abroad were rapper Busta Rimes and founder of the legendary band Nazareth Daniel McCafferty. The iconic rocker came on stage together with Stas Mikhailov, prompting applause from the public. Wife Russian artist shared a video made that night on Instagram. Fans Mikhailov was delighted with the video, which appeared on the Internet. “Super”, “Struck, surprised, amazed”, “no words”, “Stas, you showed another side of his talents! Sang with the star of world importance”, “No words”, “Chic”, “Suddenly”, was discussed by the fans of Russian pop stars.

Many viewers also found that Timur Rodriguez brilliantly coped with the playing of “Despacito”, Luisa Fonsi conquering such markets, and daddy Yankee, which recognized the main song of the past summer. The crowd happily sang along to the artist and danced.

One of the most memorable moments of the evening was the appearance on stage of Olga Buzova. The star appeared in an unusual way, singing the iconic song of Madonna’s “Vogue”. “Wish me luck”, she wrote before going on stage. Olga fears were not realized: the audience took it. Buzova later thanked fans for their support and quoted the American philosopher Ralph Emerson. “The music shows to the person those possibilities of greatness which are in his soul” – this publication appeared in the microblog celebrities.

“Still overwhelmed with emotions! I have the honour to perform the legendary song of the Madonna “Vogue” – as noted Buzova in Instagram.

Fans wrote to Olga a lot of compliments. “Chic makeover”, “Bold course”, “Super bomb”, “Very”, “Really cool”, “Beauty”, “Magnificent”, “Bravo!”, “You never know”, “pleases the Eye”, “give up, she won my heart”, “Incredible”, “beyond praise,” was discussed by users of social networks.