Zara has cracked the secret to a perfect figure

Зара раскрыла секрет идеальной фигуры
The singer told, how the sport suits her best.


Zara discovered the secret of how she manages to support herself
in perfect shape. The singer loves to start the day with a morning run
which not only trains almost all muscle groups and burns calories, but
gives her the strength and energy.

“When there is not enough time for a workout in the gym
I always enjoy going out for a run near the house, —
smiling star. — Here we have a Park and forest. Perhaps there is no better
way to Wake up in the morning and get prepared for the coming day,
get rid of unnecessary thoughts. By the way, before the run I do not eat Breakfast, also
suggest after to refrain at least 40 minutes from the first meal. Then
the result will not keep itself waiting, and calories, as you know, in the fresh air
burned faster. And running gives you an amazing opportunity to enjoy
nature and, of course, your favorite music in the headphones!”

By the way, many stars among all sports allocate it
running or fast walking. So
does, for example, Tatiana lutaeva. “A woman must undergo at least ten
thousand steps per day, — said the actress in an exclusive interview — First,
the brain is saturated with ozone, and second, work the muscles, revitalizes the blood vessels.
So, no matter how loaded with work, no matter how much they move around
the city by car, my normal steps are always performed: in the company of a daughter, son, and
girlfriend Nastya. For example, we now have the shooting took place outside the city. In the dining
break fast snack and walk through the village. When you receive a free
time can easily pass from 13 to 15 kilometers. At such distances we go with
friend Sveta. Rarely, but neatly!”