Edita remembered about the theft in St. Petersburg

Эдита Пьеха вспомнила о воровстве в Санкт-Петербурге People’s artist of the USSR never ceases to please fans. Recently Edita presented the autobiographical book “From the heart”, which is a kind of confession in front of the connoisseurs of her work.
Эдита Пьеха вспомнила о воровстве в Санкт-Петербурге

This year one of the main stars of the national stage Edita celebrates its 80th anniversary. In the framework of this significant date she’s already given a solo concert in my favorite concert hall “October”, presented a collection of her dresses at the Sheremetyev Palace, and to the surprise of many he published the book “From the heart”, which presentation was held recently in one of the shops of St. Petersburg.

Эдита Пьеха вспомнила о воровстве в Санкт-Петербурге “Working on this book was conducted about a year. It was improvised – there was nothing taken, it was just the will of the heart. We talked with journalist Kristina, and then she recorded my memories. I was told that was memorable and stayed in my soul, if I ever wrote anything down, there would be more,” admitted the singer.
Эдита Пьеха вспомнила о воровстве в Санкт-Петербурге

By the way, in the mid-2000s, the journalist Alexey Lopatin has published a book, “Edith”, after reading which, the artist, by his own admission, was horrified. “I was ready to buy all the remaining copies” – says the star. The publisher went to meet the singer and have withdrawn the works of Lopatin. At a recent presentation in the cultural capital Edita reluctantly talked about the events of bygone days.

Эдита Пьеха вспомнила о воровстве в Санкт-Петербурге “I only remember the good things, and if you don’t remember – so this was not” – said a celebrity.

During the presentation of the book is Edita shared one story that continues to haunt her years later. In Soviet time EHA lived in Kupchino district, which enjoys a reputation as a dysfunctional place. In the 80s, the star moved into an apartment in the city center, and about the previous house were not very pleasant memories.

“When I lived in Kupchino, then out of my apartment stole a fur coat – well at least that she was not real and faux fur. But it was still unpleasant. However, then the thief began to sell it in Leningrad grocery store. The cashier learned the thing, and had heard about this story, so he called me. The thief was caught, he got three years. When asked: “Why do you Rob Freundlich and Peha?”, he calmly replied: “who else in our country to Rob?” – shared memories of the singer.