Ольга Бузова учится на психолога

Olga Buzova showed a particular thirst for knowledge. As it turned out the star of the reality-construction “House-2” decided to get a second degree and is currently studying the intricacies of the profession of psychologist.

“Now I get the second higher education on a specialty “psychologist”. I want to better understand people and be able to help them. Yes, with my schedule I have time to learn in between filming!!!”, — reported in social networks Buzova. She added that she chose distance learning.

Olga boasted to fans of the fact that after graduation, thanks to their hard work and perseverance, she is their only release entered the St. Petersburg State University.

“She went to College. Went to the courses. Almost didn’t sleep at all. All the time spent on classes. Grade 11 was my hardest school of life, because I worked from morning till night, and the only one where I went in the club on his birthday. And I entered the St.-Petersburg State University. I’m the only one from school who were going there. In its release,” — says Buzova.

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