Няня-убийца не получит тюремного срока A native of Uzbekistan, who beheaded a child, wants to return home. Gulchehra Bobokulov declared insane. A woman killed a girl in Moscow and burned the apartment her family.

      Няня-убийца не получит тюремного срока

      In late February, the whole country experienced a real shock hearing the news that in Moscow there was a bloody drama. A woman by the name of Gulchehra Bobokulov committed a brutal crime for which later it is popularly called the “bloody nanny”. On the last day of winter, a native of Uzbekistan, who was looking after 4-year-old girl, beheaded the baby and set fire to the apartment where the family lived. Later, dozens of passers-by watched in horror as a woman walked the streets of the city holding the child’s head and shouting terrorist threats.

      The investigation lasted for several months. Gulchehra passed forensic medical examination. Worked with her doctors, who issued their verdict.

      We will remind, in April, there is evidence that Bobokulov can avoid a prison sentence. The experts recognized the killer insane. According to preliminary data, the woman had discovered serious illness – paranoid schizophrenia. Most often this disease occurs in middle age and proceeds mainly with delusional and hallucinatory disorders. During the illness the patient is formed by distorted thinking and appear obsessions.

      Yesterday in Presnensky court of Moscow addressed the issue about prolongation of term of arrest of the nurse-killer. During the meeting Bobokulov cried. The woman did not specify the reason of his tears, however, asked the court to send her “on the treatment at home in Samarkand. Recall that these demands were heard from her mouth before, in may.

      “Yes, it was insane,” confirmed the journalist TASS translator Gulchehra Ahmed Ahmedov.

      Meanwhile, Presnensky court of Moscow of the detention Babakulova until August 29. “The court decided the petition of the investigation to satisfy and to extend the period of detention in respect of Babakulova for a term until 29 August,” announced the decision of the judge.

      The parents of the beheaded girl was fighting for her life before the tragedy

      We will remind, the parents of the murdered girl was fighting for her life prior to the tragic events with the nanny. The child’s mother Ekaterina Mescheryakova in a social network “Vkontakte” spoke error obstetricians, which cost the newborn child’s health. Little Anastasia was the name of the headless girl, from the moment of birth was declared invalid, she was diagnosed with perinatal CNS damage and edema-brain swelling.

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