Ольгу Бузову преследует настырный поклонник The TV presenter was friends with one of the most active of their fans. The young man regularly watches stories of Olga Buzova in Instagram and defines where it is. Star was very surprised when I met him leaving a recording Studio.
Ольгу Бузову преследует настырный поклонник

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova is actively developing a YouTube channel. In the new edition of his video blog celebrity spoke about recording future hits, the fans and working in the Seychelles. “Everything you’ll never see in my stories,” intrigued by the star on social networks.

Now Olga is actively working on new repertoire. A celebrity is going to release a second Studio album. Pop stars don’t have much time, so every minute counts. In between filming the presenter regularly goes to the recording Studio. Details of Buzova prefers to keep secret, wanting to surprise fans.

“We flew today from Yessentuki. I spent tete-a-Teta, and now we continue to work in non-stop mode. I have only one night to record a new song for their forthcoming album,” shared the star.
Ольгу Бузову преследует настырный поклонник

Olga is happy with the new arrangement and already have an idea of how to play live. “It’s just my song,” says the artist. In a short time His finished work and left the Studio. Outlet celebrity met fan. As it turned out, Olga is not the first time seen with a young man – he follows her favourite heels. “How did you know I was here?” – addressed leading to the fan. He said that he watched storis Buzova in Instagram.

Later it turned out that the young man has a huge number of photos with the idol. “Why do you need thousands of identical images?” asked Olga. “I’m just your devoted admirer,” he replied.

“I always say, “Where are you?” Like, I can’t meet men because I don’t know where to look. That’s why Max I can find and come to me”, – said the presenter.

Olga added that he believes the fan is too young. He noted that he was 22 years old. Saying goodbye to the fan, Buzova reminded him about the upcoming concert in one of the capital hotel complexes, which will be held may 18. “Who wants, that always finds,” concluded the star.

In a new vlog Buzova told about the work in the Seychelles, where there is another Playground of the reality show “Dom-2”. Coming to colleagues, the star made a large number of bright frames for Instagram. According to Olga, it is difficult to escape abroad for filming.

“I didn’t really want to go to the Seychelles. Not because I don’t like the Seychelles, because we primarily come here to work. For me two weeks outside of Moscow – a big problem. I need to record an album, I have so much work in the capital… It became difficult for me story” – confessed celebrity.