Лариса Гузеева изменила изуродованное лицо участника шоу «Давай поженимся!» A resident of meadows of Zelenograd region Alexander Belash three times participated in this program. Despite the fact that Alexander is 35 years old, he has a permanent job, his personal life did not work out. However, this year everything has changed dramatically, thanks to the help leading the project “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva and plastic surgeon Yuri Kachina.
Лариса Гузеева изменила изуродованное лицо участника шоу «Давай поженимся!»

“I three times participated in the program “let’s get married!”, – says Alexander. – However, in his personal life did not go well. Larisa [Guzeeva] several times said, “Sasha, you have the nose to improve, and everything will change.” Nose broken several times in fights. After the last incident, he looked quite unsightly. On the other hand, I make the repairs in the apartment. On the podium I do not have to go. Because he lived in peace. Just didn’t pay attention to the defect and all.”

Belash noted the 35th anniversary January 8th, and soon he got a call from the assistant Larisa Guzeeva and said that on the anniversary they want to give the man a new nose.

“Not at first believe, – continues Alexander. – It was about the fact that I don’t have to pay for rhinoplasty, and the operation itself will guide one of the best plastic surgeons of Moscow Yuri Kachina. Soon we met with him. He examined me and told me about the intricacies of the procedure. The result struck! The nose was quite different. I’m so grateful to Yuri and Larisa Guzeeva. Know that she he consults”.
Лариса Гузеева изменила изуродованное лицо участника шоу «Давай поженимся!»

The man was immediately warned that the final nose “in place” within six months from the date of transaction. However, two months later Alexander’s face has changed dramatically and for the better. In addition, Belash finally met his fate.

“We met in the midst of my changes – smiling hero. – Now we meet, and I’m very glad it came out! I never thought that just one surgery can change a life. A real gift of fate. Of course, friends in one voice say that I have done that was not afraid. And someone is jealous… we’ll See how the nose will look by the end of the year. Perhaps in the future will make another rhinoplasty”.

By the way, this year’s transfer “let’s get married!”, which connected hundreds of singles also celebrates its anniversary.

Лариса Гузеева изменила изуродованное лицо участника шоу «Давай поженимся!» “We have a fantastic team. For the tenth year, and the main part we are all the same, – told Larisa. – What they do is incredible. The main work is done by my amazing colleagues.”

We will remind, the premiere of the show “let’s get married!” was held on 28 July 2008. The intent of the producers, the hero meets with three brides or grooms, while in the final transmission chooses with whom he’d like to continue the dialogue. First, the program was led by actress Darya Volga, but it worked for only three months. Since October 2008 it was replaced by Larisa Guzeeva. The project also involves the astrologer Vasilisa Volodin and matchmaker rose Sabitova.