Pregnant Maria Odoevtseva is experiencing due to the loss of an old friend

Беременная Мария Адоевцева переживает из-за потери давнего друга Ex-member of telestroke told about the tragedy. Maria Odoevtseva reported the death of a parrot who has lived with it for about 8-9 years. Now she’s thinking about going to buy a new pet to their home was always singing bird.
Беременная Мария Адоевцева переживает из-за потери давнего друга

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” is waiting for the baby. During pregnancy Maria Odoevtseva became more sentimental. She shares her joys and troubles in the microblog, which is followed by thousands of users of the social network. In the last post Odoevtseva reported the tragic news: she died a parakeet named lemon.

“Like a little bird is yellow, loss of small and family was. Sorry. He’s been with me 8 or 9 for the life tweeting. In sad moments of life cheered. In joy served. Not, of course, very upset. Not a long bird’s age. And human too. And so do all the time,” said Maria.

Odoevtseva thinking about what it costs to buy a new parrot, so the kids have more fun. Now Mary has two daughters: native Lisa and Barbara foster, who was born in the previous marriage of her husband Michael. The girls got along well. In July 2017, Mary married lover because he believes in God. She’s happy with her the man who fully understands it.

Now Maria tries to follow closely the health. However, due to recent trip to train a young woman was lost. Because pregnant undesirable “Remember when she had Lisa, began to sound the alarm, having read that the temperature is very dangerous to the fetus, it is very hot there because of that lack of fetal oxygen. Were saved then by packs of cold towels and fluids. But I’m not sure this is the best method” – shared Odoevtseva.

Netizens wish Mary to take care of yourself. Ex-participant of the project is 27 weeks pregnant. After parting ways with Sergei, whom they had met in the reality show “Dom-2”, Masha has revised the Outlook on life. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”

“The older you get, understand that your time should be spent on the case. We don’t know how many will live. May the Lord, our soul will pick it up tomorrow, and nothing good we have not done. So I think to engage in charitable activities. I want to start to help people in distress. Those who were left homeless or have been deceived. You can start with a station and feed the homeless at least. I already have a group of people willing to come with me to mercy, and they are all my good army friends from the past and present. Many of the “Instagram”. In General, growing team of young and helpful,” said a young woman.