Ольга Бузова возмущена мужским предательством The TV presenter was out after the terrible act of the participant of the project “Dom-2” Roman Gritsenko. Recently a young man said that’s crazy Olga Buzova, but now he’s trying to build a relationship with a young blonde Lena Graminei.
Ольга Бузова возмущена мужским предательством

Olga Buzova made a scene participant reality show “House-2” Roman Gritsenko. The young man claimed that he had feelings for the presenter, but the novel is spun with a new girl on the project – Lena Graminei. Young people were kissing, which caused many questions from Buzova.

Instagram Olga has a video where she can’t hide emotions from the behavior of the Novel. In a recent issue of telestroke star expressed surprise at the act Gritsenko and cried.

“I don’t trust men in General, don’t trust anyone,” he said Buzova over time.

In hastahah to publish the girl quoted a new hit Wi-Fi, dedicated to the frivolous men. Song of Olga in a short time reached the top of the iTunes chart. In her opinion, those representatives of the stronger sex, who indiscriminately fall in love with women, deserve only censure.

“Some men today behave exactly like Wi-Fi, sprayed and giving yourself and your emotions all in a row. I’m not one of those people. I have a very difficult password to hack it only with loyalty, love, diligence and perseverance. Don’t be Wi-Fi, don’t give yourself all keep the most valuable – for yourself and your loved ones. Girl, my Princess, remember, you deserve only the princes. And I assure you that they are, and we will meet them in the way of our happiness. It is not necessary to waste your time,” commented celebrity premiere of the track.

In turn, the party of reality-show Roman Gritsenko wrote that he feels guilty for what happened. According to the young man, he didn’t want to hurt the feelings of Olga Buzova.

“I blame myself, I screwed up, as happens in life… Thank you to my brother Roman Kapakli for always support. Glad I met you”, – said Roman.

Social media users reacted ambiguously to the act Gritsenko. According to some, the Novel is worth pondering, to regain the trust of Olga. They also asked a celebrity to give him a second chance. At the same time other, on the contrary, condemned the young man and stood up for the presenter. They believe that the right have behaved in relation to Gritsenko. “Don’t worry!”, “All is well”, “Hold the bar. Comes the one and only. No need to look for, he will come”, “Just men now are weak,” – commented the fans Buzova.