Беременная внучка Никиты Михалкова вышла замуж Alexander connected his life with the actor. Granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov and her partner Peter starlings officially married. Very soon their family will be another happy event – the child is born.
Беременная внучка Никиты Михалкова вышла замуж

Today, December 22, granddaughter of famous film Director Alexander has formalized the relationship with partner, actor Peter Skvortsov. The young people shared such a happy event on Instagram. They published the photo, which depicted herself holding a marriage certificate. 25-year-old Sasha was dressed in a simple white dress that emphasizes her rounded belly. On top she wore a black body coat and hat. New husband also refused classic suit in such a solemn day, he chose the pants and sweater and cap.

Apparently, with the young and was attended by the closest people. Alexander prefers to keep his personal life secret from the public. Long time fans couldn’t guess with whom she builds relationships. Many suspected that she had an affair with the lead actor of the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Apprentice.” Today, their suspicions confirmed.

In the middle of summer it became known that the granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov expecting a baby. She posted a photo where you could see the tummy. Apparently, the lovers have decided that the baby should be born in lawful wedlock, and therefore did not marry.

Peter starlings is two years younger than lady – he is now 23. His career the young actor began in 2007, starring in the TV series “cold case”. Later, the actor appeared in such films as “Indigo”, “Student”, “Duelist”, “Kids”… since childhood, parents and teachers celebrated the artistry of Peter. The young man said that he was passed down from grandfather, who worked in the theater.

Alexander, in turn, was born into a family of famous restaurateur Stepan Mikhalkov and former model, said Sivakova. Her Hobbies include art – she is educated at the art Institute mgahi Surikov. In the microblog she often shares not only his work, but also because it is inspiring.