Егор Крид подтвердил участие в шоу «Холостяк» The singer spoke for the first time on the popular TV show. Egor Krid said about what kind of girl he’s looking for, and also promised the audience that they will see him with a new, unexpected direction. The season premiere of “the Bachelor” is expected in spring 2018.
Егор Крид подтвердил участие в шоу «Холостяк»

New hero “the Bachelor,” was the 23-year-old Yegor creed. Until recently, the musician did not comment on their appearance in the popular TNT project. Only on Friday the actor first broke the silence and spoke about the show.

The contractor confirmed that indeed would be a bachelor, whose heart will fight 25 participants. According to Yegor, he wants to find a girl who would become his life’s companion.

“The stars are so complicated that now is the time to take part in the show “the Bachelor” on TNT, although the background to this was a couple of years ago. It was then that I released my debut album “the Bachelor.” But all the time. Frankly, I don’t really believe in love at first sight and do not believe the girls, because the majority only sees me as a popular person. I am 23, but I feel much older, wiser,” shared the artist.

According to Yegor, he knows the chosen one is looking for. “I need a girl who will be able to motivate me further. Corny, but my other half needs to be a friend and lover, and business partner. Despite the many novels, serious relationship I had once. And they ended not very well,” said the artist.

Singer believes that to find true love on the project.

“I am confident that in the show “the Bachelor” is easier to know a person. After all, under the cameras and in such extreme conditions of filming people show more show all their positive and negative sides. Again, but in such conditions we can immediately understand it for PR or for something else on this show, a man came,” shared the young man.

The contractor added that unfold before the audience with new, unexpected directions. “Viewers will see the wrong Yegor creed, the image of which is painted by the Russian media”, – explained the musician.

That Egor creed is the hero of “the Bachelor,” it became known in early September. “StarHit” reported the first name of the star men, who agreed to look for love on the project. For the sake of participation in show Egor paused in his active concert activities. Two years of rumors that creed will take part in the project, but for a long time, these data were not confirmed.

In the previous, the fifth season of the TV show, the girls tried to win the heart of the stars of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. One of them succeeded. The actor has opted for Ekaterina Nikulina. Young people live together and are going to legalize their relationship.