Olga Buzova made clear that she’s forgiven ex-husband

Ольга Бузова дала понять, что простила бывшего мужа The star expressed his emotions in a new track. Olga Buzova presented the song “People didn’t believe” just a few hours ago, and it has already been downloaded by several hundred people. Fans appreciated the creation of celebrity.

      Olga Buzova continues to conquer the musical Olympus. A few hours ago, the network appeared the new song of the stars “People don’t believe.” First she introduced this song a little over a week ago in one of Moscow restaurants. Releasing a new track, Buzova said to all the people who scolded her for poor vocals or was accused that she sings under the track.

      Olga Buzova has introduced two new hit song at a private party

      “Each of us in life faces situations when no one believes. Honestly, I confess to you, at some point, it seemed to me that I can’t do it… It’s hard, but the past should be able to let go… I’m still learning that… I was and is difficult, many of you felt it and see now. Plus the enormous pressure and oppression by the constant backstabbing, ridicule and even insult. Probably, and now there is some producer who will say that this does not work, and my song have not traditionally put in on radio stations. But I can sing for you. Every word of this song I have lived inside yourself…” – said Olga on the page in microblog, put up a new track.

      According to Buzova, the song “People didn’t believe” will help her fans to learn to love themselves, to dream, to set goals and achieve them. Fans of the young singer appreciated its track.

      “I wish you luck in all your endeavors! Write nasty things just unhappy, angry, primarily at myself, people, keep it up! In spite of everything!”, “Bomb! Buzova, don’t give up, you’re strong and very talented person!”, “Very nice single, we immediately see that put his heart and soul,” said users of the social network.

      Special attention of the fans drew the line where Olga says about forgiveness. Many have suggested that she forgets the past and recalls grievances to the ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov.

      Let someone say we are not the same.
      I will understand their fate.
      The words are not about love will forgive you.
      I become stronger, I become stronger.

      In the iTunes library a new track Buzova surpassed in popularity the lyrics of the Mushrooms “Melt the ice”, which for a long time occupied the first position.

      By the way, last weekend Olga already filmed a video for the song “People don’t believe.” Work on the roller was in the city of Sochi and the surrounding area. Despite the windy weather and rain, the celebrity endured the scene, during which she had to go into the cold water of the local sources. Fans are proud of the character and endurance of our favorite.