The heiress Priluchnogo muceniece and took the first steps

Наследница Прилучного и Муцениеце сделала первые шаги The celebrity heiress went for the first time without the support of adults. Agata muceniece shared with subscribers in Instagram touching movie, where a little MIA moves independently on two legs.

      After the recent doubts of the fans about the breakup of Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchnogo followers were waiting for good news. And here’s the star of the sitcom “Civil marriage” published in the microblogging live with a year-old daughter. The girl pushed off from the sofa without assistance walked a few meters to my mum.

      Fans Priluchnogo muceniece and is concerned about their possible breakup

      The actress said under the post and father of little MIA – actor of the series “Major”. And also put a few hashtags: “feat”, “first steps”. The woman gently talked with her beloved, holding his hand up and motivated to overcome the purpose. “Come close to me. Go, my girl. Well done! Topi-top, sink-top. Well done! Come down to me? Well done! You are my sunshine!” – said Agata heiress.

      Fans of the star family was left in complete awe of the success of the crumbs. Users of the social network have written hundreds of reviews with words of admiration and compliments daughter’s idols. They noted that the MIA is similar to both parents, and also praised the girl’s persistence and rapid development. Many thanked muceniece for what shows footage of his personal life.

      “What is it sweet! You good health!”, “I congratulate you with the first steps! Game.! Uraaaa!”, “How to quickly grow. Op and that’s already gone… Why grow up so fast, kids?”, “What a happiness! You are the greatest!”, “Congratulations! This is a very touching moment!”, “Little lady! The first steps for the native people! But how trying! Sweet Macca! And the name of tender”, “Iacocca, thank you for sharing these moments with us!” – I wrote to the followers in the Network.

      Interestingly, earlier in an interview with “StarHit” Paul talked about what growing daughter. It turned out that unlike his older brother Timothy, she grows more serious and focused. According to Priluchnogo, MIA knows exactly what she wants and will scream and beg until you get the desired. In addition, the baby is rapidly developing and demonstrates many abilities.

      “While only repeating everything. Talents – screaming, fighting and dancing. If the music is right dancing. She likes Arabic motifs. Starts to twitch from side to side. And all who saw it, say that a growing choreographer. Why not. For girls very well – and the figure will be, and a sense of rhythm”.