Влад Топалов намекнул на причину развода Popular singer believes that some hasty wedding. According to Vlad Topalov, he and his wife broke up because of inexperience and unwillingness to each other to concede. After the actor broke up with his wife, he immersed himself in work.

      Влад Топалов намекнул на причину развода

      In early March it became known that the singer Vlad Topalov divorces his wife Xenia danilidou after a year and half after the wedding. The news caused a stir among the fans, because from the relationship between the young people seemed ideal. Fans of Topalov could not believe the information that the lovers decided to leave. Recently, the artist gave a Frank interview on the subject of parting with his wife.

      Vlad Topalov about divorce: “I’m fine”

      According to Topalov, he decided to break up with his ex-wife friends. As it turned out, the young people faced difficulties in the last year. In November, Vlad and Kseniya decided to take a break, but over time it became clear that they had better disperse.

      Then between young people barely there was a big fight that could put the final point in their relationship. But the singer managed to recover and to remind ex-lover about all the wonderful moments that were in between. “Our lives will intersect,” said the singer’s wife. In the end, she still listened to artist, for which he, by his own admission, “very grateful.”

      Влад Топалов намекнул на причину развода

      During the conversation with the correspondent the artist also hinted at the reason for the divorce.

      “Ksenia is a wonderful man, for two years we suffered a lot. And I will never allow myself to speak ill of her. I would hazard a guess for both of us that the cause of the divorce was our inexperience, unwillingness something to each other to concede. When we started Dating, both were at that age where I want to start a family and settle down. But it was such a big “boom” – two faced Scorpion (I kind of believe in horoscopes), bright, emotional, strong, fighting. Here and rushed into battle – not even managed to live together only after the wedding, we began a way of life”, – shared the artist.

      Recall that the wedding of Vlad Topalov and Ksenia Danilina took place in September 2015. It was attended by only relatives and friends of the newlyweds. In the pictures, which appeared online, Vlad and Kseniya seemed very happy. The pair did not hide their feelings. The bride chose a fitted modest dress favorably emphasized her figure, and the groom was dressed in a formal suit with a white shirt and a bow tie. “I never thought I’d see this day, but my big brother has found his Queen, and they finally tied the knot,” wrote the sister of the ex-soloist of the band Smash!! in the microblog.

      In a recent interview with Vlad Topalov told that the divorce took place on 9 March. “We are not made for each other, and to leave was the right decision. I got a good experience”, – quotes the singer Peopletalk.