Olga Buzova has called his attackers “jackals”

Ольга Бузова назвала своих обидчиков «шакалами»
The TV presenter was badly insulted by the statements in her address.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Not a week goes by that around Olga Buzova not another scandal broke. TV presenter and singer admitted that he does not understand why subjected to such insults.

“Apparently, the rule is: you wanted to be — insulted Buzova — sadly stated Olga. For many characters, which is not often remembered, it is an occasion to remind myself. Fortunately, there are a lot of people I respect who are on my side: Dmitriy Nagiev, Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan and the rest… Well… I Suppose that many women in show business I resent them for real. But I don’t understand why I was insulted males… really don’t understand why these dragons chose me as the girl to beat”.

Buzova’m sure her detractors would not behave this way if she had a protector.

“If next to me was worthy man, which could to protect me, they would mouth did not open, I’m sure. And now I hear a nasty, vile insults, it’s not even a criticism… it makes Me feel old, frustrating. But the only way to deal with this horror is to ignore. Simply put, I’m hiding… don’t know how I can be so annoying. Do I look like a provocateur? I have often been reproached that I am speaking in body. But why are Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, when they come out in a revealing outfit, no one says they are women of easy virtue? I’m on stage are, I’m an artist! Some were shocked by my costume, which I in the shell made for “MUZ-TV”. The idea was that I was Aphrodite and it is my birthday. How should be dressed Aphrodite? And, of course, was hurt when the award ceremony “MUZ-TV” I got nothing. His violent reaction I could not hide, and immediately left. It was not indicative of performance in any case. I’m just honest. Can’t sit with a tight smile, when I just tears of resentment. The tears flowed without stopping… After I’ve so treated all this year, I wanted public recognition…”

Full interview with Olga Buzova read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.