Michelle Pfeiffer has told how she managed to escape from a dangerous sect

Мишель Пфайффер рассказала, как ей удалось вырваться из опасной секты
The actress saved a loved one.

Michelle Pfeiffer


Michelle Pfeiffer admitted that she had many relationships with men.

“I takes years to trust a man. This is because I’m very closed and I bruise easily. And I’m afraid to be vulnerable. But in order to truly know someone, to get close, it is impossible to remain invincible. All of these love affair, Dating… I often did not know how to assess what is happening and found themselves in the cold… Now I have learned to look back and ask yourself: “How I have managed to fool?” Of course, David (the current husband of actress, producer and screenwriter David E. Kelly. — Approx. ed.) was different. But he is a rare exception. To him such a relationship I was not.”

While Michelle seven years was married to actor Peter Horton

“I even managed to forget about that marriage! — says the actress. — Although we have to admit that Peter had helped me to escape from the clutches of dangerous people who call themselves “personal trainers”. They preached the so-called breatharianism. The essence of this extreme cult is that people are supposedly able to live without food, with… sunlight. The guys were terribly persistent and sought to control every step of those who managed to attract. I had to pay for all the time that they spent. Considering that then I had a small income, getting small roles in TV shows, they financial, I really “dried”. And this inhuman diet! Supposedly only in the state of hunger man reaches the highest point of wisdom… fortunately I never reached this “highest point”, but you tried. Pure madness! But it’s my fault that I let. Largely because I was terribly unhealthy lifestyle…”

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