Have Spartaka Mishulina is not only the illegitimate son, but another daughter?

У Спартака Мишулина есть не только внебрачный сын, но и еще одна дочь?
Legitimate and the alleged relatives of the actor have started a war.

У Спартака Мишулина есть не только внебрачный сын, но и еще одна дочь?

Timur Eremeev

The renovated “Let
say” this week can’t stop talking: just four issues, the creators of the TV show
dedicated scandal associated with Timur Yeremeyev, who calls himself the illegitimate
son Spartaka Mishulina. The first editions of “serial scandal” has called
one of the biggest television events of the fall.

But it is in the magazine “Caravan of Stories Collection” the young actor of the Theater Army revealed the secret
his birth, which his family for many years publicly talking!
Eremeyev was born out of wedlock Mishulina. But now the young artist
literally snatched daughter Karina Mishulina, absolutely convinced,
her dad could not have children “on the side”.

One of the lawyers who attended the filming, told us: “you Know,
and I after the broadcast called authoritative people from the theatrical community. And
reported that Eremeev really can be the son of Spartaka Mishulina! Say
more: an artist has one adult child! This is in addition to
the “official” daughter Karina. I would like to find this woman — anticipated second daughter, and to initiate an examination not only of Mishulin and
Yeremeyev, but between the possible second daughter and Timur. The results can
to be very curious”.

Of course, the story is interesting. Not by chance
going through almost the entire country. Eremeev sent thousands of words of encouragement, the audience
believe him. But the scandalous behavior of Carina of Mishulin surprised
the vast majority of viewers: is the daughter of such a father can
behave so ill-mannered?”

Karina Mishulina

The final point in the dispute, of course, would put the examination
DNA. And be sure to put the tests became a “business
card” “Let them talk”. Eremeev has already passed all the necessary procedures.