Olga Buzova fled to Austria

Ольга Бузова сбежала в Австрию The presenter went on vacation. Olga Buzova realized that she needed to gain strength, as she was quite busy. The star bought a ticket and flew to Vienna.

      The last few weeks Olga Buzova worked very hard. The star performed on stage with songs “Used” and “kissing sounds”, was interviewed, and played in the theater in the play “the Man snapped”. Fans were alarmed as the stars, because recently she was hospitalized for exhaustion and had to be treated with antibiotics. Fans are advised Olga to go on vacation to recuperate. Apparently, the presenter has listened to their recommendations. On the eve Buzova announced to subscribers that spontaneously took a plane ticket and flew to a new place.

      “Understood, what is necessary, at least for a day in the city, where there were not” – said the star on the page in a social network.

      Commentators on the post actress immediately guessed that she is in Vienna. According to the presenter, she is planning a rich cultural program. Olga is going to visit the Opera or go to a concert in the Schönbrunn Palace. “We listen to Mozart” – shared Buzova.

      Many followers began to tell the girl where to visit in the Austrian capital. Some members advised Olga to visit the fish market and taste the local schnitzel. The girl was trying to show to the subscribers as many moments of the trip. She was filming a performance of the Symphony orchestra, and shared photos of their fashion images.

      “Olga, you’re always just look gorgeous! Don’t despair ever, you’re super”, “I am inspired by all that you do, you do it well and consciously, You are the example to follow. You are so strong girl, I don’t know”, “You are so wonderful, thank you, Olechka! Your songs touch me to the depths!” wrote enthusiastic comments of its members.

      Recall that Buzova made a splash with his participation in the play “the Man snapped”. Netizens praised her scintillating game. “The modern theater is very cool! All men are advised to buy tickets in the first rows – a great surprise awaits you”, “today I Received a lot of pleasure”, “Olga played brilliantly his role at the premiere of the play”, wrote the audience about their experiences. Half-naked Olga Buzova seduced a married actor