Oksana Fandera had a blast in Goa

Оксана Фандера ушла в отрыв на Гоа The actress shares photos from vacation. Oksana Fandera spends time in India. The woman wanted to relax for a while and happy to be at sea. The artist has pleased fans fresh images of local landscapes.

      Оксана Фандера ушла в отрыв на Гоа

      Oksana Fandera for a while changed the cold Russian spring in the foreign sun. For climate change, the artist chose the smallest state of India – Goa. The woman shares with the subscribers the details of the vacation, posting in Instagram photos.

      In the picture Oksana featured back. The sand artist is directed towards the endless sea, and a white handkerchief knotted on head, waving from the wind. “Do what you can with what you have where you are. Mother India, Namaste!” – signed post beautiful.

      Based on previous publications in the microblog, Fandera long wanted to escape from the gray of Moscow. On posted photos depicted the grim blurred window, rain drops on the naked branches, the overcast sky, black-and-white birds. It should be noted that periodically, the actress makes a variety, uploading pictures of bouquets, flower beds and own drawings with flowers.

      Followers left comments on Instagram, the darling of wanting to escape from city life and relax. “Rest and gain strength”, “Right! Good holiday!”, “Ommmm. Super! Have a good rest”, “I Want to hug you in Goa and thank you. Wherever you happen to meet here?” – posted by users of the social network.

      Now fans are wondering with whom Oksana spends time abroad. Some have suggested that the woman arranged a joint vacation with her husband – actor Philip Yankovsky. Others that she took with her beloved heirs: Lisa and Ivan. However, she Fandera while satellites are not shown.

      Recall that marriage is one of the strongest couples in the film lasts for more than 25 years. In an interview, the actress admitted that to maintain harmony in relationships helps her wisdom. It does not suit the beloved scenes of jealousy, no claims, and even does not restrict freedom, considering that it is very important for the creative person.

      “On his part, I felt morbid curiosity about my figure. My sociability, openness, honesty, smile, laughter and a kiss at the meeting (said Hello) is not always adequately assess… Philip is very discreet, so if even he gets some moments of discontent, he in no way shows. Maybe that’s what bought me. He showed me that this burden is not heavy for him. I can love only one man, absolutely faithful, monogamous,” said Fandera.