Yulianna Karaulova tried on a wedding dress

Юлианна Караулова примерила свадебное платье The actress is actively preparing for the celebration. Karaulov showed fans the outfit with an elegant lace train. Apparently, the singer has already started looking for a good image for the most important day.

      Singer Yulianna Karaulova preparing for the wedding. This spring she will marry her beloved, producer Andrew Black. The young man made her an offer of marriage in December last year. As he told the singer in an interview, she had planned the wedding at the end of April.

      Last week, the couple filed an application to the Registrar. According to lovers, they want to arrange a holiday abroad. Ex-participant of “factory of stars” and group “5sta family” already started to look for an outfit in which will go under the crown.

      In the microblog Karaulova shared the in powdery dress decorated with white lace. The head of the artist is decorated with a tiara. “The years go by and I’m still a Princess”, – has signed a frame of the star.

      “His bride, you are his bride, and to be honest with you he is so lucky”, “a Very delicate way”, “You in that dress is such a gentle, sweet and beautiful,” “This is your best photoset of all,” he praised the outfit, followers of the singer.

      Recall that Karaulova and Black familiar a few years, but at first we were just friends. But then, Andrew was able to find the key to the heart of the artist. Julianna did not hide from the fans when a young man proposed to her, and placed the touching scenes in the social network.

      “Of course, for me it is very important to have someone support and believe in. When something doesn’t work out, a loved one helps not to give up. Moreover, I am pleased that he understands what I do and why can come very late, he knows what life on the road,” said the singer.

      Andrew has to be very patient, because of Julianna crowds of fans. According to the artist, he doesn’t make scandals because of jealousy. “But I there too do not give. There are fans that would globally violate the comfort zone and personal space, but until the fights are not reached” – shared Karaulova with “StarHit”. Yulianna Karaulova: “group “5sta Family” I was leaving with bitterness”