Igor Krutoy will teach children in Sochi

Игорь Крутой будет учить детей в Сочи
Few weeks in Sochi opens the door to a branch of the Moscow Academy of popular music of Igor Krutoy.

Игорь Крутой будет учить детей в Сочи

Now in full swing in the final stages to prepare the building for the future of the branch.

Игорь Крутой будет учить детей в Сочи

“We will be in the gallery space is “Fort”, – says the General Director of the Academy of Stella Chechnyans. – Now go listen to the guys who want to become our wards. We plan to recruit about 200 people. If there is a lot of talented applicants, of course, expand. Tuition is 12 thousand rubles a month. It is a basic package, which includes vocal, choreography, acting, solfege. Each parent can choose the number of hours, type of training – individual or group”.

With many domestic stars have already held talks on holding of master classes for future pop stars.

“Of course, I myself plan to arrive, communicate with students and to monitor the fate of children, to encourage the most talented, – told the composer Igor Krutoy. – Children will be invited to Moscow to participate in the concerts, including the stars. And in each region where open branches of the Academy, will be host their events and music festivals. Plans – school in Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk. Also a lot of partners in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. And in Kazan s already opened in the end of February.”

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