Ольга Бузова встала на защиту дочери Пригожина Presenter “House-2” stood up for the successor of the famous producer. According to Olga, the project helps young people to start a career in show business. The celebrity also revealed that she’s hurt by negative words about the popular reality.

      Ольга Бузова встала на защиту дочери Пригожина

      Olga Buzova spoke in defense of Prigoginei Danae, who decided to take part in the popular reality show. TV presenter admitted that she is unpleasant to hear criticism of “House-2”. Buzova also revealed that she was surprised by the reaction of Prigogine on the act of his daughter. According to Olga, Danaya is afraid of his father.

      “She was so horror-stricken eyes looked at me when I asked her to go to dad and said, “No, I won’t!” I am very surprising to read comments from Joseph to the address of Danae… It’s awful. I was very hurt to hear these insults. On the project the girl was even a little scared,” — said Olga Buzova reporters.

      Recall that after Joseph Prigogine learned that his successor — 19-year-old Danae Prigogine has decided to become a member of “House — 2”, he emotionally spoke against the act of the girl. According to the producer, he was embarrassed and ashamed of what I did this.

      In turn, this has offended the father and wrote on Instagram that she does not develop a relationship with him. “All the misunderstandings make us stronger” — these words the girl had previously congratulated Joseph Prigogine happy birthday. In addition, the successor producer shared that went with the TNT because of the fact that she didn’t like it. “There was a desire, came, looked, like that, gone,” commented Danae in social networks.

      Danae Prigogine told about a terrible insult to the father

      According to Olga Buzova, part Prigogine’s daughter in the popular TV show, hardly a disgrace to her family. The presenter also noted that many young people a reality show is helping to realize and start earning. At the same time Olga said, can not judge the father of Danae.

      “Dom-2″ is a symbol of love. To say that it’s a shame it’s no longer fashionable and in trend. All who wanted, have already said that a few years ago. Now, on the contrary, participants develop the project, they record the tracks and have the opportunity to work and earn good money. But in General, I certainly can not in any way to try and give a critical evaluation because it’s their family, we don’t know what’s going on there,” he told Buzova Life.ru.

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