Pregnant Alsu revealed the secret to a happy marriage

Беременная Алсу раскрыла секрет счастливого брака The singer has published in social networks romantic photo with her husband, Ian Abramov, and confessed her love for him. According to Bella, this is important in a person’s life, and these feelings cannot be bought for any money.

      Беременная Алсу раскрыла секрет счастливого брака

      Singer Alsou married businessman Yan Abramov for more than ten years. Happy couple raise their two lovely heiresses — nine-year-old and eight-year-old Safin Michelle. In addition, soon the family expects the addition — Alsu will become a mother for the third time.

      Pregnant Alsu no longer hide rounded tummy

      Despite the fact that they are together for a long time, Alsu and Yan Abramov, do not cease to give each other signs of attention. Recently, the actress posted a touching post in his microblog. In it, the singer once confessed his love to Ian Abramov and told about how she is happy in family life with him. According to Amina, this condition can not be bought for any money. In proof of his point of view, the artist quoted designer friend Rita Akmalboy.

      “It’s not how much you have wins behind you, statuses and achievements. Really important is not the fact of your life, let it favorite and you yourself found, and it is important to give and receive love, care for and see the concern, to write banal texts “miss you” and go work somewhere where it is always expected and where comfortable. Really the only important thing in life — have you become a happy person or not. Any material happiness and “trend” the world is not measured”, — said Alsu.

      Fans of the actress supported her and noticed a passage that led Alsu are truthful and sincere. “Beautiful words”, Alsu, you are a wonderful actress, great mom, very gentle and beautiful girl! You and your family health and love”, “Alsu, you can at a glance charge of positive energy, thank you for this,” “Let your life will always be beautiful”, “How”, “that reminds me”, “You and Ian — an example of the ideal family,” wrote the fans of the stars.

      Earlier in the interview, the singer said that her first meeting with her husband was like a movie. Yan Abramov luxuriously cared for any woman gave him expensive gifts and huge bouquets of flowers, took her to the best restaurants of Moscow. Two months after the businessman started Dating Bella, he proposed to her. Since then they are together for several years, but Ian never ceases to amaze with his darling and delight her.

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