Olga Buzova: “Better to be alone than with just anyone”

Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало» Monday released a new video artist who is called “the Hit parade”. In it, Olga appeared in a wedding dress. The singer shared how to change her taste in men and what she might lose her head.
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»

This week, September 11, Olga is a new video for the song “Hit parade”. For the sake of filming that took place in America, Buzova even tried on a wedding dress… But your previous wedding dress star burned. Is the heart of the presenter thawed? In an interview with “StarHit” Buzova admitted that is really going on in her personal life and who she’s Dating.

The anthem of strong women

Olga, the chorus of your new song is: “You don’t get into the hit parade of my mind.” And she is the principle on which weed out the Cavaliers?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»I’m not attracted to a weak and idle people, who are limited, esemes message: “hi, how are you?” Or, for example, I refused once and he immediately ran off to find easier and more affordable option. Representatives of the stronger sex have forgotten about that there should be knights and conquer women should not be so quick to give up. Personally, I’m after the sad experience I treat everybody with suspicion, like a hedgehog, produced immaculately. Therefore, namby-pamby is not exactly on my hit parade. Alas, in our time, men generally crushed. A sad spectacle.—
At the end of last year you said that life will one. Changed your mind?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»No. Now seriously understand what is possible. Last summer, not once cried, thought about life and wondered, “why is no one worthy person? What did I do wrong?” And then somehow calmed down and realized that it’s not so bad. I can develop yourself and work as much as I want and nobody will say anything. Now I’m no longer daunted by the prospect of loneliness. It might be for a very long time…
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»
What should be your Prince?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»I’m not 18, and 31, and the bar is so high that mediocre version of the category of “inferior Yes, my” won’t do. It is better to be alone than with just anyone. Want it to happen like in a fairy tale: rode the Prince on a white horse, and I lost my head. Do not agree for less. By the way, the new track is sing about it. “Hit parade” – a kind of anthem of the strong and independent woman. Now so many beautiful and educated girls who bezrybe lash out at anyone, and then wonder why men don’t care. First and foremost you must love yourself and respect. Of course, they too can understand. Sometimes I want to come home, to climb on the handle, and to be patted on the head, and have to plow around the clock. I’m helping my mom and grandmothers. Shoot videos and write songs for my own money – I don’t have producers. Paying fees to dancers and other team members. Work is very important to me. Because we need a man with a strong character, which in this case will implicitly trust me and give freedom of profession. —
Which is not to say, “Hey, stay home!”
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»It is not even discussed. Once I was ready to give up everything in favor of the family. In the end, the man was gone, and to feed themselves have. Well, nothing – a lesson learned, a moment of clarity, the head is back in place.
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»
In the new clip you appear in a white dress…
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»Well, it’s not really a wedding dress. Rather, an allegory. In the story, indecisive man entangled in my dress and misses, you know where…—
Olya, in the United States called you out on a date one handsome. And he also didn’t get?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»I went and realized that he was disappointed. The meeting was held… in any way. Modern men need this to be easy, they don’t want responsibility. I kind of relationship uninteresting. For a year I never allowed myself even to kiss! Old wounds have not yet healed. In any case, definitely do not want anyone to see and there is something to dream about. Everything happens when it should. I let go of the situation.

The betrayal of friends

Who or what distracts from gloomy thoughts?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»The main thing for me now – career. She rescues. Summer was very fruitful. It all started with the premiere of the song “Little half”, which took place on 5 June. Track for several weeks held the first place in the Russian iTunes. The composition is very fond of people, I took a chance and made another version in English Not Enough for Me. It was nice when the American press wrote about the fact that there is an artist who brings Russia to the world level. By the way, at the same time, the new single released of Taylor swift, and we even compared… In America, I spent ten days and shot three music videos. Of course, you could choose the easy option – to stay in Moscow and do everything in the Studio.
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»
Could imagine that to build a music career?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»Tell me someone about this a year ago would not believe. I have painted a very different picture of the future life: the husband, big house, children, dogs… Everything was different. But since it turns out, so I’m on the right track. —
Do you ever rest? Judging from your Instagram account, no…
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»The entire vacation this year was spent on the movie. However, the rest is managed. Recently flew to the site of “House-2” in the Seychelles, where they spent two weeks. I was in the frame from 2 PM to 10 PM, and in the morning still managed to swim and sunbathe. Try to catch the moment and enjoy life. Schedule build itself, so there is time for meetings with friends and trips to the SPA and even night clubs… —
Where there’s dancing?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»Secret. In fact, the last three months can’t afford it, as I work seven days a week, and will until next year. My schedule until March 2018. By the way, November 21 will mark a year of my solo career, and I’ve recorded an entire album called “the sounds of kissing.” Not every artist can boast. So November 3 I invite you all to my first solo concert in Moscow, which will be held in “Izvestia Hall”. On the eve of the same program will perform in his native Saint Petersburg in A2 club Green Concert. Now actively preparing, rehearsing and constantly worried. It is a huge responsibility. After the presentation of the album is scheduled to tour in Russia, Europe and America.—
It is no secret that many envy you. It has changed there social circle during this time?
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»Part of the friends dropped out. If the 30-year anniversary came 200 people, on this day of birth, when celebrated 31-year – only 25! That count. But I’m happy with. There are people who know me, I love and will support in any minute. This is important. Among them is my sister Anna, friend Olga she is from Peter’s wife footballers Masha Pogrebnyak, Marina Kasaeva and others… open to the new people I’m not ready. Too many turned on me. I know how “friends”, putting my hands in my pants to your husband. Went through all.
Ольга Бузова: «Лучше быть одной, чем с кем попало»
In show business you also spoke in the wheel inserted… What have you learned?
It is happening now. It just so happens that there are people who treat me indifferently either love or hate. Can access social networks and read. Comments or “Olga, we love you”, or “Die, scum”. And writing all this people. Enough conscience. Although what I mean? What kind of education can be discussed if public grown men allow themselves to let go of insults at the lonely girl with no one to protect. But that is the current world, and I accepted it.