Catherine Barnabas was left without a livelihood

Екатерина Варнава осталась без средств к существованию Star Comedy Woman told about an unpleasant experience with banks. In recognition of Catherine Barnabas, there was a time when the credit of the organization in which she kept all their savings, had serious problems.

The star of the show Comedy Woman Ekaterina Barnabas is a popular actress and TV presenter. Celebrity does not complain of financial problems and lack of attention from the opposite sex. The star lot of fans who give her compliments. Catherine recently talked to journalists about her relations with the banks. In recognition of Barnabas, she chooses the credit organization, relying on their intuition.

Conversing with correspondents, Ekaterina told about the negative experience of using services of banks. The star shared that there was a time when she was on the verge of ruin. However, the actress managed to overcome the next challenge.

“Four years ago the Bank where I kept all his savings, lost his license. I survived and some funds returned. We live in interesting times…” – said a celebrity.

Catherine also admitted that he tries to minimize his time in the Bank. “A whirlwind doing all his work. But generally, of course, pay attention to the queue. This is an interesting phenomenon. Therefore, I am pleased to have the opportunity to perform many operations through a mobile application,” said the TV star.

In recognition of Catherine Barnabas, she’s not strong in the economy. So the artist tries to be easier to relate to different financial issues and not panicking when the rate changes of the ruble. “And the sanctions… Well, as they say, a family affair, a quarrel-I reconciled. Will understand!” – thinks beauty.

Recall that the star of channel TNT meets dancer Konstantin Myakinkova. Yekaterina Varnava does not hide his affair and shares joint photos with your chosen social networks. Not long ago, the actress admitted that the beloved has decided to make a serious step and gave her a ring. In recognition of Catherine, Constantine surrounded her with attention and care. Barnabas also pointed out that Myakinkov became the first man with whom she had such a trusting and lasting relationship.

The lovers met at work about three years ago. Yekaterina Varnava combined shooting Comedy Woman to the position of choreographer in one of the projects. Constantine came there as a dancer. Myakinkov put a lot of effort to win the heart of the unapproachable beauty.

In a recent interview with Ekaterina Barnabas spoke about the division of the family budget. “Save or spend? I spend. My man saves. The perfect couple,” he told the star adding that the main article the cost of his own health.