Diana Shurygina got a new family member

Диана Шурыгина обзавелась новым членом семьи

After the infamous Diana Shurygina appeared future husband, cameraman Andrei, she decided to get a new family member. Under the education of the Ulyanovsk native now little puppy, which, according to the girl who now compete with her lover.

Диана Шурыгина обзавелась новым членом семьи

In his profile in instagram, the girl put up quite a nice photo where you can see all three members of the future family. Diana stands with her lover by the operator by Andrew, which will soon enter into a formal marriage. In her hands is a small brown puppy, which is cute to her is pressed. As reported by myself Shurygina, the puppy has already competed with her beloved, but she promises to give enough love to both.

“My favorite. Now at Andrey there was a small competitor named RAF”, signed photo of the girl. The comments under the account the participant of the TV show “Let them talk” and “actually” disabled in the settings, that would not see other people’s opinions. After the scandalous stories about rape in which the perpetrator was imprisoned for 8 years, Internet users were divided into two halves. Some support the girl, rather wanting to cope with the negativity, but most of the girl throws mud almost every day.

Диана Шурыгина обзавелась новым членом семьи

The girl did not leave any more comments about the appearance of a new family member. Fans of 18-year-old Diana is left to wonder whether she bought it herself, or is it a gift to her beloved.

Recently the media had spread the big news that Diana Shurygina getting married. The date of the ceremony — October 5 this year. Will the Shurygina for 29-year-old operator, Andrew Slavina. She met him on the set of the show “hanky-panky with Diane Shurygino” channel Andrei Malakhov on YouTube.

Shurygina said the guy she liked at once. She received from him a welcome moral support that the girl needs and still. “Andrew, I liked his cheerful and kind nature, manner of communication, – said Diana. – He supported us morally, because I was still overcome by the haters. With him felt like a stone wall. We’ve been Dating three months and did not leave for a minute.”

As fans of the beloved parents of the girls believe that they are in a hurry with the wedding. Despite this, they are perfectly accepted Shurygin. The guys think that’s no sense.