Olga Bartunkova: “I am opposed to the son were in the army”

Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию» The actress explained why her difficult separation from children. In an interview with “StarHit” Olga Bartunkova also revealed that currently she is writing a book about how he lost 61 pounds.

      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»

      The captain of KVN “Pyatigorsk” Olga Bartunkova snapped. Today, September 15, movie out Comedy “the Groom” – with the artist and Sergei Svetlakov in the lead roles, each Sunday, the star can be seen in the show “Once in Russia” on channel TNT. At the moment 38-year-old actress lives in two cities, torn between filming in Moscow and the village of Vinsady, Stavropol territory, where she still had family. Olga said “StarHit” why is afraid to send his son to serve and why her daughter is studying to be a manicurist.


      Olga, the “Groom” you did together with Sergey Svetlakov. Probably joking all the time, because you’re both actors of a comic genre?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»Just the opposite. Director Alexander Nezlobin advised not to spill energy outside of the frame not to be active, to rest more. During the filming, we became friends with Sergei, he called me Olesna, advised how to hold, how to play a particular emotion… Now written off, congratulate each other on holidays.—
      You lost a lot of weight. How much do you weigh?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»Instead of 151 kilos in just 90! In the book I’m writing has a Chapter on my experience of getting rid of excess weight. I admit, it was not easy. But I have been struggling with the figure three years ago, participated in the project “lose Weight with StarHit”. However,to lose 35 pounds claimed I was prevented by a foot injury, “killed” is only 18. This time I completely refused from sweet, excluded from the diet bread, switched to a separate power supply. Eat small portions 5-6 times a day, mostly fruits, vegetables, chicken breast. I read a lot of literature about losing weight – I can help! The result for the year – minus 61 kg Became easier to walk, went shortness of breath, swelling disappeared, stopped hurting joints. I hope next spring the book will see the light.
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»
      You every week to fly to Moscow for the shooting. How the family reacts, that you are often not home?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»Fortunately, with understanding. Daughter Vicky, for example, was not offended, for not going to the prom – the event was hosted. She’s 17, this year graduated from high school. Want to study at the Krasnodar University of culture and arts, the next year is preparing to enter, to engage with Tutors. And graduate courses in the master of manicure and pedicure, makeup and hairstyles. First and foremost for themselves, and there, staring, maybe, and work in this area will be – anything can happen.—
      Your son Sasha 18. Going to serve?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»It is a sore subject. This fall Sasha is going into the army. I am against – not live in peace. Tried to talk, but there it was, ran: “Mom, this is not discussed” – and that’s it. Had to accept, although the heart is certainly compressed, I imagine that a few months to see him… I will not Miss, even if for a couple of days away from home! However, consistently talk on the phone once a day. But what an older guy conversations: “Mom, have you eaten? Rest? Did you sleep well? Okay, I’m calm…”
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»
      You have in Instagram almost 100 thousand subscribers. Probably offer to advertise cosmetics and clothes?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»Yes, all the time. And some accounts without permission on my behalf to promote liquid chestnut and calorie blocker. But I have these “wonder drug” for any money advance would not, all this garbage. As the notorious black mask to clean pores, which is teeming with the Internet. We tried daughter – senseless means. All her hair yanked while I was off, roaring with pain. If ever something will crack up in the blog, you know – have experienced it myself, and for the quality guarantee. Bartunkova bullshit advise will not! And generally, I think that everyone needs to do their job. Here I have, for example, the idol – actress Natalia Gundareva. She would stoop to such things as advertising some kind of mask? No! Happened to her one good role every five years – she and played on garbage do not waste your time. I want the same! A lot of what I have to offer – and wedding guide, and in the show to participate in the performances, but I only take what I like.—
      Heard you bought a house. You can congratulate with new home?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»Yes, for six months living in the cottage two steps from the place where once lived. The house is huge – two floors plus basement and attic. An area of 350 meters, so now there’s room for everybody!
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»
      Not tired of popularity? You now must know?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»By the way, not so often. But if you know, please make a selfie, an autograph to give – I do not refuse. Wonder when the new series of “Once in Russia”, how soon the premiere of the film… Sometimes I send gifts – we recently got a parcel from the Crimea, wine, honey, tea – was very nice. It happens, of course, that possessed in social networks write: that to live without you I can not, if you do not answer, you die. Sometimes bad things are getting – it becomes unpleasant.—
      What else, except for comments in social networks, can upset you?
      Ольга Картункова: «Я против, чтобы сын шел в армию»Mostly, of course, disagreements with the children. For the most part because of life – then the dishes are not washed, even though I requested, it had not been vacuumed… Always trying to solve problems in a dialogue mode: I for one, not a despot.