Егор Холявин обвиняет мать в проблемах с лишним весом Eks-the participant “Houses-2” does not hesitate to publicly criticize someone. Egor’s mother Holavina argues with son. She agrees with his arguments that food culture children must instill in parents.

      Many viewers of “House-2” I remember the bright party of Yegor Holavina. A young man came into the project, being fairly complete. He weighed more than 130 pounds. However, during his stay on telestroke Egor managed to lose weight and start a new life.

      Remembering the past years, Halavin says that his childhood is not accustomed to proper nutrition. In the Studio of “live” ex-member “House-2” openly accuses the mother that she had simply overfed in childhood. However, the parent does not deny his guilt. Sitting next to her son, she is glad that now he looks slim and fit.

      “All the time when I was fat, I didn’t hesitate to tell mom that I became this way because the parents still have to lay with my childhood food culture,” says Egor. “Only my fault that all my life I worked as a cook, fed the kids and fattened his little boy,” says his mother Tatiana.

      Halavin proudly admits that he does not weigh more than 90 kilograms and the height is 187 centimeters. He only now realizes how heavy physical and psychological burden for him was the extra weight. The girls used to take Egor only as a friend, and now he has a fiancee who loves him, regardless of external data. By the way, on his page in social networks the young man is happy to give advice on the proper way of life for everyone.

      “Somehow the topic of weight loss is associated with some severe diets, which headache, and which constantly lose consciousness and gain a bunch of diseases. Of these healthy diets still nobody out, concluded postroynevshy Halavin in an interview. – Many people do not understand simple things, which for me is now obvious as twice two. They need to explain basic things. We are all losing weight, making all the same mistakes. I also Wake up in the morning with the right attitude, all day, lose weight, and in the evening ate. So it is impossible. I understand that 40 pounds in eight months not everyone is ready to throw. This is a difficult, daily work. As soon as you see the first results and they come with all the regulations very soon, you will already have the right attitude”.