Natalia Podolskaya has again become a bride

Наталья Подольская снова стала невестой The singer shared a picture in a wedding gown. Natalia Podolskaya will take part in the show, which will take place in Moscow. A woman came to try on spectacular dresses, which will hit the runway as a model.

      Famous singer Justin Bieber surprised fans by sharing with them the in a wedding dress. Despite the fact that within six years the actress has a happy marriage with Vladimir Presnyakov and raising with him the son of Artemis, she decided not to miss this opportunity to feel like a bride. The singer arrived for a fitting of luxurious dress brand Vera Wang, where she hit the runway on September 26.

      “It’s always nice to wear a dress,” said Podolsky in the caption to the frame.

      The photograph of the artist standing in a half-turn, so we can consider multi-tiered skirt of stars. The top of the dress emphasizes the beautiful back of Natalia. Apparently, the front of the waist is attached to a bow of the same fabric as the dress itself.

      Fans of the singer with pleasure would like to see this beauty in person. Show with participation of stars will be held at the luxury hotel in the center of Moscow, which is actively preparing for this show. Decorators and designers together decide how it will look in room and hotel lobby on this day.

      By the way, the Agency that organises large-scale event belongs to the Vera Brezhneva. Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” has opened a wedding business shortly after she became the wife of Konstantin Meladze. No wonder the star herself often posing for photographers in wedding dresses, that have been sitting on it perfectly.