Ravshana Kurkova spoke for the first time about parting with Ilia state planning Committee Bachurin

Равшана Куркова впервые заговорила о расставании с Ильей Бачуриным This spring, the actress broke up with the CEO of Glavkino. According to Ravshan Kursovoy, after three and a half years of relationship, they realized that they are not on the way. Nevertheless, the star still believes in love.

      Russian actress ravshana Kurkova starred in the second part of the film is “About love” directed by Anna Melikyan. However, in real life the girl has not yet found his soulmate. After three and a half years of relationship Ravshan has parted ways with CEO Glavkino” Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin. The gap between the stars occurred in the spring of this year. Kurkova has not yet met the new one. The actress does not hold a grudge on the former young man.

      “Ilya and we were in good relations, despite the speculation of journalists who interpreted differently the separation. We are adults. It happens that people differ,” – said Ravshan.

      In the press there were rumors that Kurkov and Bachurin severed relations after the photo shoot movie stars in the Nude. The actress has appeared without clothes for the April issue of GQ magazine. The star has denied such talk.

      However, He managed to part with Ilia friends. It didn’t bother that at “Kinotavr” in Sochi this summer Bachurin has appeared with the new girl. Also at the festival, she had to intersect with the former spouse Artem Tkachenko, who arrived with his pregnant fiancee Catherine. “We are friends, friends with Artem and Katya, his wife. We always rejoice in the victories of each other, important events and can always count on mutual support,” said Kurkova.

      The actress believes that she has something did not happen in his personal life. Ravshan still believes in love and knows that I will be able to find happiness. However frankly about their feelings movie star is trying to tell. As admitted Kurkova in an interview with “OK!” it maintains inner harmony that helps her to be always in high spirits and to conquer new cinevista.

      “I think that the key point for women and men to stay internally safe. Not so important that this moment happens in your personal life. I know many colleagues who are even more popular than I am, are removed from the cool Directors, but still complain, still on the “kisljak”. I want them to hit just!”, – said Ravshan.