Олег Табаков оставил многомилионное наследство Soon relatives of the Director will share all their possessions. Oleg Tabakov owned several apartments in Moscow and a chic country house. Journalists have also calculated what was the monthly income of a celebrity.

March 12, died a famous actor and Director Oleg Tabakov. Tomorrow many fans will be able to bid farewell to the actor at the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, which he headed for 18 years.

Oleg Pavlovich four children. Senior Anton and Alexander were born in wedlock to actress Lyudmila Krylova. Together, the couple lived for 35 years. But then Tabakov married Marina Suginoi, which was significantly younger than the elect. For ten years the lovers hide their affair. The couple have two children – Paul and Mary.

Reporters calculated, the legacy left by the legendary actor, based on the documents of the Ministry of culture. According to their calculations, the monthly income of Oleg Pavlovich was about two million rubles. Still not known if he left a will.

“In 2015, for example, it was reported that Oleg Tabakov has earned 48 million 297 thousand rubles. And in 2017 he took the second place among all Russian jurukov and first among Metropolitan. Only the Director and artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater (tobacco combined these posts) recently, the actor earned 935 994 rubles a month. Plus – the “Snuff box”, plus wages in theatrical College, plus a pension, including an allowance for the title of people’s artist of the USSR” – says the journalists.

Besides, Oleg Pavlovich was three apartments in Moscow, and in the ownership of his wife. The family lived in an apartment in the city center, the Windows had a view of Red square. Also the star family has a mansion outside of town, located on a plot of two hectares – near the river Istra. The house will have five terraces at different levels, and rooms are furnished with antique furniture.

Oleg Tabakov showed a luxury apartment in the center of Moscow

Tobacco was always talking about that regularly paid taxes and earned an honest way, taking part in numerous projects, often simultaneously. Last year it became known that Oleg Pavlovich lost 677 million rubles for financial fraud at the Bank where you opened the account. But, apparently, even without this amount, the heirs receive a lot.

While the entire family prepares to farewell to the famous actor. Specify that for the past years tobacco did not communicate with her eldest daughter Alexandra. She was unable to forgive the father’s leaving the family. Oleg Tabakov refuses to talk about the eldest daughter

Reporters found that Dni.ru last year tobacco took second place in ratings of the artistic leaders of Russia.

But the actor Stanislav Sadalsky worried that some object to Tabakov accompanied to the other world Church rules. Some do remember that he was an atheist. Moreover, a few years ago on the stage of his theater was provocatively staged the play “an Ideal husband”. Then to the door Mat someone threw a pig’s head.

“Orthodox activists to ban the funeral of Communist Tabakov in the Temple of Christ the Savior March 15,… the Priest has performed the ceremony of the funeral will be defrocked, saying the protesters. Who are the judges? Why do people assume God’s right to pardon or to punish?” – Sadalsky says.