Энрике Иглесиас публично признался в любви к детям от Анны Курниковой During his speech in the capital of Hungary well-known artist spoke about a charming heirs. Enrique Iglesias became father for the first time in December last year. Over a long period of time, the singer chose not to comment on the happy news.

42-year-old Enrique Iglesias is among those artists who willingly shared details of his personal life with the public. That singer became a father for the first time, his fans learned from the media. The artist preferred not to publicize information about the upcoming addition to the family.

Recently at a concert in Budapest for the first time Enrique has shared his impressions of the appearance of a son and daughter. Standing on the stage, the actor admitted that he was very happy, and told about his feelings for 36-year-old Anna Kournikova.

“I became a father about 12 weeks ago, and you know what I say? Love your children as much as I love her! I love two things: my girlfriend and you guys for what you are gathered here today” – with these words he has addressed to the audience.

The fans supported the artist with applause and congratulated him on the advent of children. According to many, Enrique is a great dad. By the way, some time ago in the Instagram star has photos of adorable kids. Iglesias loves his son Nicholas and daughters Lucy. “My sunshine” – with these words the singer was accompanied by one of the photos with the heir.

Previously, the children of Enrique Iglesias told his relatives. “My grandchildren just fine and grow very quickly. Lucy is more like Anna: she has blue eyes and blond hair. But Nicholas is the spitting image of Enrique, it is more dark than sister,” said the mother of artist Isabelle.

Apparently, Anna Kournikova, quickly came to in shape after childbirth. Instagram athlete has pictures, which she captured during the exercise. Fans believe that Anna has a great figure.

Recall that on the birth of heirs Kournikova and Iglesias became known in December last year. Insiders told reporters that joyous event in a couple’s life happened in a clinic in Miami. The celebrities were born twins – Lucy and Nicholas. Due to the fact that Anna Kournikova prefers to lead a private life and doesn’t attend social events, information about it came as a surprise to her fans. Fans of tennis player even could not think that she is in an interesting position. Beloved Anna, too, was trying not to show her pregnancy.

As mom told Enrique, for the entire waiting period kids athlete did not complain of health problems. “She did not have much to relax or to visit doctors. It was a completely normal pregnancy. Anna didn’t hide anything. She just leads a quiet home life”, – said the mother of the artist.