Возлюбленный Сати Казановой довел ее до панических атак The singer decided on a Frank admission about his personal life. A few years ago, when Sati Casanova left the group “Factory”, it was a very difficult period. At the same time, the artist decided to part with a young man with whom she had planned to get married.

Singer Sati Casanova happily married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. In recognition of the actress, she’s finally met the right person. Fans of the stars do not cease to marvel at the harmony that reigns in their relationship. But this idyll the life of the singer was not always. Eight years ago Sati was faced with serious problems. From Casanova started having panic attacks.

As it turned out, the problems the singer’s health has evolved on the background of her affair with the then chosen. The relationship of young people was very serious and they were even preparing for the wedding, despite the frequent quarrels. Now Sati says that he had not experienced for a young man of real feelings.

“Eight years ago I had a really hard time: I just left the “Factory” and began a solo career. Then I broke up with a man with whom I had a long affair. And because of all this I started to have a panic attack. Then I found out why – I didn’t love him. Everyone around me hinted: you, girl, go the wrong way. But we heart not listening. Mom says: “He’s good”, the society says: “He is handsome”, the logic says: “It will be a good father and reliable husband,” the actress told reporters.

According to Sati, the panic attacks like seizures. “It seemed like my rib cage is so cramped that I was gasping for air like a fish suffocating on land,” says the artist. The mother of the singer, being a physician by training, first sounded the alarm. The woman suspected the daughter of hypoxia. Communicating with a loved one, Casanova remembered that the first time she felt hard to breathe during another showdown with the chosen one.

Panic attacks do not interfere with the singing career of Casanova. Mostly they prevailed against the actress on social events. Sati became difficult to breathe, especially at parties where everyone drank alcoholic beverages and smoked. After one of the parties that occurred in March 2011, Casanova decided to put an end to the relationship with a lover.

“We, drunk, came to my home, started taking pictures. I climbed up on the glass table, it collapsed and me with a pretty deep and dangerous wound on the buttock was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky. It was so humiliating, so disgusting: homeless people, some drunk people, I among them,” – says the artist. Then I realized that is no better than any of them — sitting with a cut in the fifth point of the middle of the night and waiting for me to stitch up the wound. At that moment I said, “God, I give up!”

A year later, as told to Sati Kazanova magazine L’officiel, she met a spiritual master. After that, the artist began to look differently at life. It is known that the singer is fond of yoga and practices meditation, which helped her to get rid of panic attacks.